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  • Why Self-Fulfilling Prophesies Come True: How NOT to Manifest Negative or Low Expe...

    Why Self-Fulfilling Prophesies Come True: How NOT to Manifest Negative or Low Expectations

    Have you ever noticed that when you are in a terrible mood and you expect to have a lousy day, you almost always do? Or that when you're expecting something to go just your way, it does? This is what's known as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    When you believe something and fully expect it to happen you take actions to make the prediction come true. The actions may be conscious or unconscious, but either way they propel you into fulfilling your expectations.

    This can be a great thing if you tend to be a positive thinker. But for those of you who tend to expect the worst, getting caught up in self-fulfilling prophecies can make your life full of hardships.

    Why Do Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Come True?

    “There are actually two theories about why self-fulfilling prophecies come true and they may seem contradictory, however in my experience they are not,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates.

    "The first theory is the Law of Attraction -- that whatever you put out to the world; whatever you hold in mind -- comes to you, is manifested by you," he says. "The other theory is that there is no 'you' separate from the whole so as your thinking changes, it is simply aligning with what is about to manifest for you without any sense of doership on your part."

    Either way, there are concrete examples of the reality of self-fulfilling prophecies. For instance, women who were taking part in the Framington Heart Study were nearly four times as likely to die from heart disease if they believed they were prone to it, compared with women with similar risk factors, but who didn’t believe they were.

    Similarly, during a study from the 1980s participants were told they would receive a mild electrical shock to the head. Although no current was actually used, two-thirds of the study participants said they had a headache following the procedure.

    And just this past June, scientists found that women who expected to be treated with prejudice believed men’s faces were showing the trait much longer than women who did not expect to be treated with prejudice did.

    "This shows that a person's level of sensitivity to being stereotyped -- their expectation that a person will behave prejudicially towards them -- may distort their perception of reality,” said lead author Dr. Michael Inzlicht, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto in Science Daily.

    How to Create What You DO Want

    What most everyone desires is to be able to manifest into their lives good things, not negative ones. So how can you make the notion of self-fulfilling prophecies work for you instead of against you?

    “The best way to create what you want and not create what you don’t is to let go of the thoughts and feelings that contradict what you do want along with those that appear to be attracting what you do not want,” Dwoskin says.

    In other words, as soon as you begin to expect the worst, let the feeling go. The Sedona Method is a simple tool to help you do this effortlessly. You'll see that as you let the negative feeling go, you begin to attract the things you really want.

    "As you let go your natural positive nature shines through and supports you in all your worthy goals and aspirations -- or simply sharpens your intuitive knowingness to know what is coming," Dwoskin says. "The Sedona Method is the most powerful way of either aligning with what is or creating what you want."
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