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How to Stay Happy and Stress-Free While Holiday Shopping

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  • How to Stay Happy and Stress-Free While Holiday Shopping

    Shoppers are going to be spending an estimated 7.5 percent more this holiday season than last, according to credit card group Visa USA, which means consumers can expect longer lines, more crowded parking lots, and maybe an arm wrestle or two over the last Nintendo Wii in the store.

    Long lines and aggressive shoppers are just a couple of reasons while holiday shopping can be stressful. (For example, when the Sony PlayStation 3 was released on November 17, 2006, there were numerous reports of robberies, rowdy crowds, a shooting -- even a pregnant woman in her ninth month who said she was ignoring her contractions to keep her place in line!)

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    There is also the financial side: Shoppers go over their holiday spending budgets by an average of 15 percent to 30 percent, according to the International Mass Retail Association. And, come January, are struggling to pay off excessive credit card bills. (It’s no wonder, then, why a poll by the American Psychological Association found that money issues are the top cause of stress for Americans around the holiday season.)

    While increasing numbers of shoppers are seeking to avoid the crowds by doing their shopping online, they still face similar struggles with getting the items they want, and not going over their holiday budget.

    6 Keys to De-Stress (Even During the Holidays)

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    Finally, you can use these other five quick tips to make your shopping, and holiday season, less stressful and more enjoyable … keep in mind that most of these work for helping to reduce stress at any time throughout the year, too:
    • Focus on what’s REALLY important (it is, after all, really the thought that counts).
    • Take time for yourself: soak in the tub, read, or belt out holiday carols -- whatever makes you feel good.
    • Smile (the happiness you exude will rub off on others, and maybe even on you).
    • Simplify your holiday: choose names from a hat so everyone buys only one gift, serve potluck dinners, and say “no” to social events (like your fifth holiday party) if you start to feel overwhelmed.
    • Do something kind for others -- it will make you feel good too!
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