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Simplify Your Life with These 18 Most Effective Strategies

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  • Simplify Your Life with These 18 Most Effective Strategies

    It's official: Americans are stressed out, overwhelmed and burdened down by their daily lives.

    In today s busy society, most people struggle to manage the many challenges they face in daily life,said Stephen C. McCaffrey, president and CEO of Mental Health America of Indiana. When stress and other mental health problems go unchecked, they pose risks for overall health and well-being -- for the individual and for the entire community. Considering all the ways mental health affects each of us and our society, it truly is the largest public health concern facing our community.

    According to a 2006 poll by Mental Health America of Indiana, financial, health and employment issues are creating chaos in the lives of many Americans. Further, parents are the most affected of all demographic groups, with 40 percent saying they felt stressed from at least three different sources, including spouses, family, work, finances and others. Specifically:
    • 48 percent of Americans are stressed by finances
    • 34 percent are stressed by health issues
    • 32 percent are stressed by employment issues

    Ready to Get Rid of the Chaos?

    With all of this stress, most Americans are eager to trade in the chaos for a more peaceful, calm and simple way of life. The problem is that many do not know how -- until now. The following tips are the top strategies to truly simplify your life.

    1. Resign from any and all organizations, committees or panels that don t make you happy.
    2. Create a realistic to-do list each day, and stick to it.
    3. Turn off your cell phone after business hours.
    4. Create carpools with other parents to drive your kids to and from activities.
    5. Determine your dreams, and put effort into achieving them before taking on other tasks.
    6. Learn to say no sometimes.
    7. Use The Sedona Method to clear your head and heart of complex and draining emotions.
    8. Turn off the TV (or watch less of it). You ll be amazed at how much time it clears up.
    9. Go through your mail as soon as you bring it in. Throw away junk mail and file bills and other important papers.
    10. Do your grocery shopping once a week, rather than scooting to the store every other day.
    11. Live close by to where you work (if possible).
    12. Set up your bills to be paid automatically.
    13. Get rid of clutter in your home, purse and briefcase (and stop buying more of it). If you don t use it or absolutely love it, give it away!
    14. If you have more than one of the same item, give the extras away (be honest, how many kitchen spatulas do you really need?).
    15. Set aside one full day each weekend to do something fun.
    16. Get rid of credit card accounts you don t use.
    17. Always cook more food than you need for one meal, then use the leftovers later in the week.
    18. Create a sanctuary for yourself, and spend some time in it everyday.
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