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Stop Fantasizing about Your Goals

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  • Stop Fantasizing about Your Goals

    There are four great ways to apply the Law of Attraction in your life:

    1) Letting go of the negative with The Sedona Method

    2) Giving without wanting something back in return

    3) Getting Into Action

    4) Following your heart.

    This article is the second in the series on applying the Law of Attraction and focuses on getting into action.

    Why is it Important to Get Into Action?

    If you simply fantasize about how great it is going to be to have what you want, but you don't take action, you are engaging in 'magical thinking.' When you let go of fantasy and take action to achieve your goals, you deal with what is actually here now and take the appropriate actions to bring what you want to you. You also make yourself available to unexpected ways of attracting success.

    Many people, when they attempt to create what they want in their lives, pretend that there is nothing they need to do in order to create what they want. This is true if you have completely let go of the negative; however, it does not work if you have any doubt or subconscious hold-backs about what you are trying to create.

    For most of us, it is much more practical to get into at least some action to achieve our goals. Otherwise we simply spend time imagining how great it will be to get our goals without noticing that there may be action required to achieve them.

    When you do get into action two things happen. First you may actually do something that will produce the desired result or make yourself available to discover what the right action may be. The other advantage in getting into action is that it brings up all the thoughts and feelings that you have within you that are contrary to you achieving your goal so you can let them go with The Sedona Method.

    Getting into action also generates the energy and momentum needed to overcome whatever obstacles you discover both internally and externally that may be in your way. Action sends a clear sign to the universe that you are serious about your intent which primes the pump of creation.

    There Are Two Types of Action

    The two types are, one, action to attract your goal and, two, taking action without wanting anything back in return. Most of us act only for ourselves or those we care about. However, it is important to take both types of action.

    Just like with giving, when you act without wanting anything back in return without being attached to the outcome, the results are much more profound. You are truly letting your actions go and not damming up the flow of universal energy.

    When you act with only personal intent you are running only on your limited personal energy. When you act for the good of the whole or without being attached to the outcome, you access the universal energy that is always available right within you so you have much more power to create.

    This translates not just to doing good for the planet, but it also helps you channel energy into your personal aspirations.

    If you remain open when you are acting without attachment, you also may discover that all action is spontaneously being generated by the source or universal energy that is always here and now. When you discover that you are not the doer you free yourself to simply be and enjoy the peace, love and joy of being that is available to you here and now whether or not you achieve your goals.

    Remember to Let Go Using The Sedona Method

    When you get into any type of action remember to let go. Simply getting into action without letting go will often still produce some result. However, if you let go before, during and after your actions as best you can you will find that the results come much more quickly and easily and with a lot less stress and strain on you.

    Enjoy getting into action to attract what you want and watch what happens. I am sure you will be very pleasantly surprised. Please let us know how getting into action is helping you achieve what you desire. Please also share this information with everyone you know.
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