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    What are the latest theories in tension reduction research?

    Through the Sedona Method, we share our discoveries, including help for those desiring to learn to relieve stress. We continue his work with the latest advances in tension reduction research.

    We are dedicated to finding the latest and most universally effective methods of reducing stress, with an eye on professional and personal improvement. To meet that goal, we have conducted extensive tension reduction research. Not only do we teach you the original insights of our founder, but we add the experience of countless clients who have found greater success through our program.

    Where can I find stress management training?

    Our Founder had many stress related health problems, including depression, an enlarged liver, kidney stones, spleen trouble, hyperacidity, and ulcers that had perferated his stomach and formed lesions. He was so unhealthy, in fact, that after having his second coronary, his doctors sent him home to his Central Park South penthouse apartment in New York City to die. In facing this challenge, he had to learn to relieve tension, in a very personal way.

    What he found was the ultimate tool for personal growth a way of letting go of all inner limitations and to learn to relieve tension. He was so excited by his discovery that he used it intensively for a period of three months. By the end of that period, his body became totally healthy again. Furthermore, he entered a state of profound peace that never left him through the day he died on January 18, 1994.

    Where can I find out more about Lester's discoveries?

    The Sedona Method will show you how to master your emotions, thereby mastering how you think and act. By changing how you think about life, through our stress management training, you will learn to relieve tension more effectively.
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