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How to Let Go of Your Sugar Cravings for Good

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  • How to Let Go of Your Sugar Cravings for Good

    Perhaps it all starts with the first birthday -- and the illustrious first taste of super sweet, sugary birthday cake. From there our love affair with sugar seems to only grow in intensity and volume. Every year, Americans eat over 150 pounds of sugar, which works out to more than 2.5 pounds every week.

    If you’ve ever picked up a 2-pound bag of sugar, you know that’s a lot of sugar. From breakfast pastries to sweetened iced teas, sodas and, of course, cookies and candy … sugar is a mainstay of the American diet.

    This is despite the fact that the health risks of eating a lot of sugar are widely known. Those tiny granules pack a powerful, and sometimes lethal, punch, potentially leading to:
    • Diabetes
    • Weight gain
    • Heart disease
    • High blood pressure
    • High cholesterol
    • Premature aging

    On some level, the reasons we bury our sorrows in pints of Chunky Monkey and de-stress over a bag of Chips Ahoy are quite primal.

    A study by University of California, San Francisco researchers found that when rats are chronically stressed, the release of glucocorticoid steroid hormone (cortisol in humans) leads them to engage in pleasure-seeking behaviors, including eating high-energy foods, i.e. sugar.

    This, the researchers said, helps to explain why people also crave sugar when they’re under pressure (and why the owners of candy-filled vending machines placed strategically around office buildings are always smiling). Your body is hard-wired to reach for the sugar bowl if you’re stressed, which for many of us is all the time.

    “Craving for any food including sugar almost always has a strong emotional component. We use sugar as a way to medicate ourselves and cover-up the emotions that we do not want to face within ourselves,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates. “This not only leads to over indulgence, it also leads to us not really enjoying our sugary treats even when we do have them.”

    Good point. Rarely does anyone feel good after polishing off a family-size bag of M&Ms in one sitting. We know this going in, but we do it anyway because those physical, and emotional, cravings are so strong.

    “When we eat emotionally we rarely enjoy what we eat due to the fact that even the best food only satisfies temporarily -- and when we overindulge we pay the price with our health and well being,” Dwoskin says. “We also punish ourselves for eating what we feel we shouldn’t, ironically often by overeating even more and enjoying the food less The Sedona Method (official site) Self Help Program by Hale Dwoskin

    It is, indeed, a vicious cycle. But there is a way to stop your sugar cravings once and for all (and it does NOT involve duct taping your hands together). It has to do with taking back control of your emotions, and thereby of your actions as well.

    “The way to break the endless sugar-craving cycle is to notice what emotions are motivating you to crave sweets and then release them,” Dwoskin says. “The more you let go of the emotion that is motivating the behavior, the more in control you will be of what you eat or do not eat -- and you’ll enjoy whatever you eat a lot more.”

    Let’s go through a trial run.

    You're sitting at home feeling angry about something that happened at work. You're so mad, in fact, that you just might help yourself to the piece of cake (OK, half of cake) that's in the fridge. But, before you do, you use The Sedona Method and release. You release your feelings of anger, foremost, and any associated feelings about your workday. You can also release your desire to eat the cake and even the guilt you expect to feel after you do.

    The end result? You may still eat the cake, at least at first, but that’s OK. What you did do was bypass the push-pull you would have experienced had you denied yourself the cake (only to keep holding the cake, and how much you want it in your mind, and therefore increase your craving).

    As you release, you not only dilute the underlying feeling pulling you toward the cake, you dilute the need for the cake altogether. And in time (often, just a few releasing sessions), you’ll find you no longer crave the cake at all.

    If this sounds unbelievable, consider that countless people have used The Sedona Method to break free from addictions to everything from alcohol and gambling to needing approval, and if it worked for them, it can surely help you to break free from sugar.
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