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The Crucial Importance of Keeping Your Life Diversified

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  • The Crucial Importance of Keeping Your Life Diversified

    Businesses often talk about diversification when they're looking to expand their enterprise into new areas of business, generating increased publicity and profits. But diversification is not just for businesses. Think about it; when's the last time you diversified your life?

    Now, when we say diversify this is in no way a call to make your life more complex and complicated -- quite the contrary. Diversifying your life is a call for balance, serenity and support in an otherwise tough and selfish world.

    Consider your life right now. Go ahead. What takes up the majority of your time, energy and oomph ? Most adults will likely give the same response: my career and/or my kids. In fact, most adults get so caught up in their jobs, raising their kids, and fulfilling other obligations that their lives are anything but diversified.

    Of course, there is nothing wrong with devoting yourself to your career or your kids. But when any one aspect of life begins to overshadow all the others, crucial parts of your passion, your spark, your je ne sais quoi will begin to whither and fade.

    Adults are complex, and so are their needs. So you must seek out, and nurture, the other aspects of life that are out there, such as:

    The company of other interesting adults
    Fun, leisure time and vacations
    Your intellectual self

    How to Diversify and Still Keep Things Simple

    As you begin to reflect on diversifying your life, there will likely be a few obvious routes that will jump out at you. You may realize that you've been hankering for a vacation for way too long, or that now's the time to join your library's monthly book club.

    This is all part of diversifying. If you are not sure how to add more balance to your life or if emotional blocks are preventing you from doing so -- try using The Sedona Method to clear away any negative thoughts that are standing in your way. You will then be able to think clearly and freely accept ideas that will benefit your life.

    Please do keep in mind, however, that diversifying your life should be fulfilling. ONLY take on positive additions that are bound to make you happy, and get rid of those that don t. And remember, the point of diversifying is to make it a priority in life to indulge not only your career and your kids, but also your passions, your dreams and yourself in any way that feels right.
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