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The Slow Down Diet One Big Secret to Getting Fit You Rarely Hear About & How to do It

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  • The Slow Down Diet One Big Secret to Getting Fit You Rarely Hear About & How to do It

    Our culture frowns upon long lunches, expects schoolchildren to gobble their lunches in sometimes as few as 15 minutes and rarely affords the time for a leisurely sit-down meal at home. Not surprisingly, as a result of our go-go culture, and also because many of us grew up in military or college cafeteria settings where we only had limited amounts of time to eat, many Americans eat too fast.

    What is wrong with eating too quickly? In the short-term it can cause heartburn and indigestion because you consumed too much food in too short a time period. In the long-term, eating quickly can actually cause you to overeat and gain weight.

    Studies have indeed found that when people eat slowly, they consume fewer calories (it takes a good 20 minutes for your stomach to let your brain know it's full) and feel more satisfied by their meal.

    How to Slow Down Your Eating

    One key to breaking your habit of eating too fast is to think about what is causing you to feel rushed when you eat. It may be that you eat fast because you have a short lunch break at work, or because you grew up in a large family where you felt like you had to eat quickly or the food would be gone.

    Letting go of the underlying feelings (such as feeling rushed or fear that there won't be enough food) is easy to do with The Sedona Method, and will allow you to finally get rid of the feeling that you need to eat quickly.

    Meanwhile, if you eat too fast because you constantly feel rushed, this is something you can also let go of with The Sedona Method.

    "Treat the feeling of being rushed as just a feeling," says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates. "When you recognize that your feeling rushed is just a 'feeling' and is not the truth, then you can decide to let it go. Once you do that you will find yourself naturally feeling more spacious inside and will easily eat more slowly without feeling rushed."
    • Meanwhile, as you learn to let go of the feelings causing you to eat too fast, you can slow down your mealtimes using the following tips:
    • Eat 'mindfully.' Think about the taste of the food, the texture in your mouth, the aroma and the flavors. Savor each bite that you take.
    • Chew thoroughly. Not only is chewing each bite of food completely good for digestion, but also it forces you to eat more slowly.
    • Put your fork down between bites. This is another trick to slow down your eating.
    • Remove any distractions. Distractions like television, talking on the phone or eating while you're upset can all cause you to mindlessly shovel food into your mouth. Turn off the TV, put away your crossword puzzle and make sure you are in a calm mood before you begin to eat. This way, you'll focus on your food, take your time eating and be able to thoroughly enjoy a satisfying meal.

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