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The Stages of Grief: The "Letting Go" Process with the Sedona Method

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  • The Stages of Grief: The "Letting Go" Process with the Sedona Method

    The Stages of Grief: The "Letting Go" Process with the Sedona Method

    We use various ways instinctively and as a society to cope with our grief. The commonly accepted stages of grief are as follows:
    • Stage 1: Denial. The initial disbelief, shock, numbness and trauma that results immediately after the loss.
    • Stage 2: Anger. A highly charged "why me" emotional state that can inhibit sound judgment and clear thinking. This stage is marked by outbursts of uncontrollable rage.
    • Stage 3: Dialogue and bargaining. Often the briefest stage one enters after expressing their feelings of rage. Unlike denial, bargaining is a sort of frantic negotiating state, usually with God, that maybe there's still some shred of hope that all has not been lost.
    • Stage 4: Depression and detachment. Melancholy and apathy render the individual almost paralyzed emotionally and physically, as the reality of the loss sinks in deeply. Some of the symptoms of depression include: inconsolable sadness; feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness; loss of appetite; insomnia; anxiousness, restlessness; suicidal thoughts; loss of interest in things you used to enjoy doing; difficulty concentrating or making any kind of decisions; forgetfulness; irritability; the inability to cry even if you want to. Guilt can also be a huge weight during this stage
    • Stage 5: Acceptance. A sense of peace and calmness is reached as you begin to accept the events that happened, and that they were out of your control. In your life, you have found new purpose and meaning, and the strength of will to go on living.

    Most people get stuck in the fourth stage of grief, constantly re-living the events and feeling helpless as to how to change them. The truth is you can't change what happened. However you don’t have to live in a constant nightmare of cyclical grief. It is a vicious cycle that will eventually erode away your very quality of life and you deserve so much better. Loss and Grief is like a dark prison cell, where you are our own jail-keeper, and therefore keeper of the key to your own freedom. The Sedona Method will gently guide you, when you are ready, step- by-step on how to move through the stages of grief so that eventually all of the stages dissolve because you can finally let go of your grief. Your deep loss does not mean you have to remain shackled forever. You deserve to live. You deserve happiness, inner peace, joy and love. Allow yourself to receive comfort, at long last. Be on your way to emotional wellness and freedom from depression - all from learning how to let go with the Sedona Method.
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