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The Top 10 Reasons to Give The Sedona Method to Your Loved Ones

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  • The Top 10 Reasons to Give The Sedona Method to Your Loved Ones

    In your quest for unique and truly thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, The Sedona Method is one of the finest. From your great aunt Mabel to your nephew in college, everyone on your list can enjoy and benefit from the releasing techniques that it teaches.

    Here we have listed the top 10 reasons why The Sedona Method is such a great holiday present. In case there’s any doubt, you can include this article right with your gift to let your friends and relatives know how much you care.

    10. Break Bad Habits
    Bad habits come in all shapes in sizes -- procrastination, overeating, being late, and so on -- but they are caused by the same thing: your emotions.

    “All bad habits are compensations for unresolved emotions that motivate us to do, say or be something that we later regret. The best way to break any habit or addiction is to release the motivating emotion,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates.

    The Sedona Method has been helping people successfully change bad habits using the releasing principle since 1973.

    The Method shows you how to tap your natural ability to let go of any negative thought or feeling on the spot -- including the subconscious motivators for all forms of bad habits. Once you let the negative feelings go, you will no longer feel the desire to engage in the bad habit.

    9. Learn to Find Joy in the Ordinary
    Together, “ordinary” moments make up a lifetime. So consider the difference between loving those ordinary moments or simply suffering through them. This is the difference between having a life you cherish and one that you just survive. The more you release with The Sedona Method, the more you will find yourself appreciating what is here now.

    8. Be Calm Under Pressure and Find Inner Peace
    Though you may not realize it yet, your thoughts are extremely powerful, and they manifest into reality. So if you worry yourself into a tizzy, there’s little chance that your actions will display anything other than fear, anxiety, uncertainty and reluctance. The Sedona Method teaches you how to tap into your calm inner self by getting rid of the racing thoughts, mind chatter, and negative emotions that are clouding your way.

    7. Relieve Pain
    The Sedona Method works to relieve pain by reducing your underlying tension and stress, as well as helping you to naturally dissolve the feeling of pain

    “Even physical pain is at least part memory,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates. “That is how we know that a sensation is painful -- by comparing it to other painful feelings from the past.”

    “When we allow ourselves to look through the label of pain,” he continues, “we can actually experience the sensations that are here now.”

    This is where The Sedona Method comes in. Whenever you feel pain, you simply ask yourself the easy-to-learn questions that make up the Method. As you do so, you will begin to accept the pain, which is a crucial step toward ultimately releasing it.

    However, if you wake up and accept what is, without worrying or even thinking about pain, you will be prepared to have a pain-free day. If pain does occur, you can then use The Sedona Method to let go of your feelings about it, along with the actual pain.

    6. Become More Optimistic
    We all have a lot of mind chatter going on in our heads at any given moment. If yours is negative, it will color every second of your life with pessimism. What’s worse, you will attract nothing but negativity into your existence. When you use The Sedona Method, you can easily let go of negative self-talk and instead see the positive side of life. The more you do so, the more you will attract affirmative experiences into your life.

    5. Advance Their Career
    While many others are fearing for their jobs, you can not only feel safe and secure, you can use this time to propel yourself up the corporate ladder. Yes, people do make money, and even excel, during times of slow economies, and you can easily become one of them.

    “Times of trouble are always also times of opportunity. People make money even when an economy is in contraction,” Dwoskin says. “One of the key differences between those who make money and those who don’t, is their state of mind. If you allow yourself to naturally maintain a positive state of mind, you will find that you handle both the challenges and the opportunities with greater ease and grace.”

    4. Increase Their Financial Security
    Your emotions create your thoughts, and your thoughts either put you into action or prevent you from acting. If your thoughts are consistently negative or doubtful, you are preventing yourself from acting in the way necessary to achieve the financial security you desire.

    When you release the thoughts, feelings and pictures that create debt or feelings of financial hardship, your mind naturally pictures, hears and feels more abundant -- which attracts that financial security into your experience.

    3. Relieve Stress
    As we become stressed, we have a tendency to focus on it so that soon even neutral situations make us anxious. To break the cycle, and free yourself from the stress of everyday life, letting go is essential.

    “The Sedona Method helps you to let go of the actual stressful reactions within your system," Dwoskin says. "It also shows you how to let go of the inner motivators that cause stress in the first place. As you use The Sedona Method, the same situations that are now causing you a lot of stress will become less stressful … If you use the Method enough, you can even get to the place where they no longer produce stress at all."

    2. Enhance Their Relationships
    “The best way to get what you want in a relationship is to communicate openly and honestly -- yet not accusingly -- in a style that your partner can understand,” Dwoskin says.

    When you use The Sedona Method, you and your partner will be able to communicate in this way without becoming defensive. This happens because you learn to let go of your fears and disappointment from the past, and instead focus on what you love about your partner. To avoid the conversation turning into an argument, or one of you becoming defensive, first use The Sedona Method to let go.

    For the best results, share The Sedona Method with your partner as well. While you can experience improvements in your relationship just from using The Sedona Method on your own, some of the greatest relationships are those in which both partners are adept at releasing and letting go.

    1. Show Them You Care
    The top reason to give The Sedona Method to those you care about is simply because you do care.

    “As you discover the power of letting go in your own life, it is natural to want to share releasing with those that you care about,” Dwoskin says. “From giving in this way you can see them growing, you can see them becoming happier, you can see them being free from all sorts of forces that may have seemed insurmountable.”

    'The more you care about someone the more you want to help them,' he continues. 'And the more you want to help, the more you know that the best way to help someone is to help them help themselves. There is no better way to help someone take full charge of their life than to help them learn to let go using The Sedona Method.'
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