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To Achieve Financial Security You Need to First LOSE This

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  • To Achieve Financial Security You Need to First LOSE This

    If you read our recent article Blueprint for Prosperity: The Key Steps You Really Need to Take to Achieve Financial Wellness Now, you know that your emotions are greatly intertwined with your financial well-being.

    When money is flowing easily into your life, you may not even think twice about it. But the connection becomes obvious when money is tight, and you may find yourself in an emotional upheaval of sorts, feeling everything from fear to panic to depression. While this is certainly understandable and very natural, these negative feelings can actually hinder your ability to achieve financial wellness in the future, and here s how.

    Let go of the Negativity, Gain Financial Security

    It is not a coincidence that feelings of security and peace go hand-in-hand with financial wellness. It is quite hard to have one without the other, and this works both ways. If you are constantly worried about money, in fear that there will not be enough, and doubtful of your ability to earn a good living, you will have a very hard time achieving financial security.

    This is because you are actively generating obstacles to your very own success.

    Some of the most common self-generated obstacles to success are fear of failure, fear of success, feeling like we do not deserve it or are not good enough, resistance to giving and receiving, and the feeling of scarcity of there is not enough or I am not enough. All of these can be easily released with The Sedona Method,says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates.

    The Sedona Method is a scientifically proven tool that will show you how to let go of the negative feelings, thought processes and behaviors that are standing in your way of financial security.

    Think about it this way: Our emotions create our thoughts, and our thoughts either put us into action or prevent us from acting. If your thoughts are consistently negative or doubtful, you are preventing yourself from acting in the way necessary to achieve the financial security you desire.

    When you learn The Sedona Method, you will be able to release negative thoughts immediately and replace them with a positive attitude that will attract abundance into your life in every way possible including giving you the financial security you deserve.
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