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What is Your "Financial Mindset"? Are You Set to Debt or Prosperity? Are You Sure?

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  • What is Your "Financial Mindset"? Are You Set to Debt or Prosperity? Are You Sure?

    With the New Year upon us, many Americans are tuning their thoughts toward a brighter financial future in 2008. In fact, a full 37 percent of Americans made a New Year's resolution that involved changing their financial situation for the better, according to a survey by Money Magazine and market research firm ICR.

    The top financial 'wishes' for Americans in 2008 were to:
    • Save more money (32 percent)
    • Pay down debt (25 percent)

    Yet, even with the best intentions and an iron-clad budget, many Americans will not achieve their goal of financial abundance this year. Why not? Because of their financial mindset.

    You see, your emotions create your thoughts, and your thoughts either put you into action or prevent you from acting. If your thoughts are consistently negative or doubtful, you are preventing yourself from acting in the way necessary to achieve the financial security you desire.

    'The thoughts, feelings and picture of someone who is debt-minded are of debt and resistance to the way it is, and what to do about it,' says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates. 'This could be fearful or angry feelings or thoughts or just resignation of how it is. There could even be thoughts and feelings of despair.'

    The problem is that if you are debt-minded you will not be able to attract the financial security you desire. In fact, you will be actively pushing it away. Here are some examples of a NEGATIVE financial mindset:
    • Wishing you had more money
    • Feeling you need more money
    • Resentment toward people who have money
    • Feelings of scarcity and anxiety about money
    • Doubts that you'll ever have enough money

    The good news is that changing your financial mindset from debt to prosperity is all within your reach.

    'Every part of a debt-oriented financial mindset is releasable using The Sedona Method,' Dwsokin say. 'When you release the thoughts, feelings and pictures that create debt, your mind naturally pictures, hears and feels more abundant -- which attracts that into your experience.'

    So what are you waiting for? Now's the time to switch your financial mindset to prosperity and achieve real financial security in 2008.
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