Many of us wear our feelings of overwhelm like a badge of pride. We talk about the many tasks crammed into our day, the way we hardly have time to eat, let alone think. And as we commiserate about our over whelming lives with friends, colleagues, neighbors … sometimes just about anyone who will listen, we forget about one very important thing: life shouldn’t feel overwhelming.

For some of us, the problem is feeling overwhelmed at work.Others are feeling overwhelmed in a relationship or as a parent. And for many of us, feelings of overwhelm envelope just about every aspect of our lives.Because once you start to feel you've taken on too much, it's often too late.The snowball has built up its momentum, and here you are barreling through life at 95 mph in a 25 mph zone.

The end result is pretty much just what you would expect. Burn out.Anxiety. Apathy. Stress.Depression. Fear. Fatigue. So much fatigue.

These emotions may not all come on at once. Rather, one day your overflowing basket of obligations makes you feel incredibly irritated. The next your extremely long workday makes you feel like crawling into your bed and crying. One day next week, meanwhile, the constant running around to accomplish everything you need to accomplish may leave you feeling like you’ve lost your mind completely -- and you’re not even sure you want to find it.

And maybe you are trying to cope by finding pleasure in things that allow you to escape: food,alcohol, drugs, an affair; these are all common, albeit destructive, ways people use to counter the effects of stress in their lives.

Clearly this is no way to live.

On a practical note, if you are feeling any level of overwhelm in your life it's a sign that you need to cut back. Be ruthless as you trim your obligations,carving out time only for those things that make you truly happy. And if your work does not make it onto that list, perhaps it's time you considered finding a job that does.

This is easy to say, of course, and not so easy to do in real life. There are people depending on you, meetings to attend and errands to run. Life is not a bowl of cherries after all. So is it even realistic to think you could possibly enjoy yours?

That all depends on you … and more specifically on your mind.

Because if you make the decision to simplify your life and let go of the overwhelming feelings, thought patterns and behaviors, they really will disappear. And your life really will become calm, doable and even peaceful.

“The best thing you can do for a feeling of overwhelm is to remember first off that it’s just a feeling. Often when we feel overwhelmed we forget that and we try to change circumstances or avoid the feelings in order to solve the overwhelm,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates. “By facing the feeling and letting it go you'll find that no matter how overwhelmed you feel, it can be released.”

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Soon when you feel that nagging urge to agree to an obligation you know you don’t have time for, or when you start to stress about how you’ll possibly get everything done, you’ll quickly, effortlessly and gracefully be able to release those negative feelings.

Where you once felt anxiety and fatigue, you’ll feel confidence and energy. And soon your life will not feel so overwhelming after all. In fact, it will feel absolutely wonderful … just the way your life was always meant to.