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What to Do If You've Been Laid Off or Fired: The Right Emotional Steps

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    Originally posted by Tim McCavitt View Post
    Hi MRL,

    My pleasure. As the feelings appear, remind yourself what you shared with me from the Letting Go movie: "feelings are just feelings, they're not facts, they are not you...and they can be released!" Again, I applaud your courageosness in asking for a session...and in the effortless releasing that followed! Let us know how you are doing!!

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    What appalls me about this message is they convey an incomplete idea yet are over
    and over repeated like a parrot to be the ultimate truth. Yes, feelings are just feelings,
    not facts and they (probably) can be released but the situation you find yourself
    caught in can have varying degrees of difficulty! It's not like everyone's life takes place
    on the same emotional, psychologycal and spiritual plane!

    For instance, if someone is torn apart by some isolated incident or circumstantial or
    fretting over a mistake then I can see how you can apply the "it's just a feeling"
    logic....BUT it's not the same as when having to deal with a chronic condition you
    DID NOT create and have to LIVE WITH

    Let me tell you one thing: Health deterioration is going to rob you of your "joie de
    regardless of whether you played a part in it or not. It only adds insult to
    injury when you have done no wrong yet you must bear with it. Which is why Buddhists
    believe in the Karma doctrine. To explain the inexplicable. To attribute our worst
    present-day wrongs and tribulations, to past deeds obeying to past lives.

    That might sound harsh, but contemplating life's bi-zillion injustices day-by-day and
    pretending to put a joyful grin is a basket-case study; a total lost cause.


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      Dear Boo68 and SM difference makers !!
      Nice reading the calm and fearlessness that revealed itself from within and the money benefits, thanks and great !!
      In my experience Sedona Method allowed for plenty more laughter and goodbye victimhood and hate feelings, to inner peace and love feelings..which didnt happen totally over night but did happen!
      There was so much to be learned from listening to the basic Sedona Method 20 CD course...... even greif around death feelings someone was able to let go of.
      Maybe someone lives near you and has a spare CD course they could provide for you to work with or even have a spare set for you to have if you ask through here, even though it is not a free service for the basic SM course, but it would be great to work with 'live' releasing as well as the book, and get hold of a work book that goes with the course too if you can??
      You never know it just might be one of those magic financial income moments such as gaining unemployment benefits....hope, believe and know so...!! Happy Thanksgiving ;-)


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        Oooooops.... think that went on the wrong post.....never mind...just go beyond the mind !!!


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          Hi Everyone,

          I was laid off in June 2009 in NYC. I moved to Boston a month later. I was unemployed for 5 months and took a lower paid position at another company. The company was not doing well and they cut my salary in half after 6 months. I decided to quit after working there for a year and move to Chicago to live with a good friend. I moved here 3 months and haven't had luck with the job search.

          I found the sedona method in 2008 and attended the course with David Ellzey in July of 2008. It was really fantastic and I felt it truly working.

          Lately I feel lost from the whole process and need to get back on track.

          Please help!