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When Collecting is an Addiction, and How to Finally Let it Go

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  • When Collecting is an Addiction, and How to Finally Let it Go

    Collecting is a unique passion that can give you a sense of purpose and promote self-discovery. But what may seem to you like a passion may actually be more of an obsession or addiction.

    People who can't stop buying collectibles, books, jewelry,antiques or countless other objects are actually quite prevalent. And like any addiction,a collecting addiction can interfere with your life in a negative way.

    “If you feel like your collection has become a huge burden or you feel like you just must get another even though you already have more than enough, you may be addicted,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates.

    Symptoms of a collecting addiction could include:
    • You look for/buy/trade collectibles for hours on end, and the time you spend doing this is increasing
    • You think about collectibles constantly, even when you’re not collecting
    • You have missed important meetings/events because of collecting
    • It's difficult for you to not buy more collectibles, even for just a few days
    • You try to sneak more collectibles into your home
    • You have tried, unsuccessfully, to stop collecting
    • Your family or friends have asked you to cut back on collecting
    • Your personal interests have changed because of your collecting
    • You have lost a personal or professional relationship because of collecting

    Is Collecting No Longer Fun? It’s Time to Let Go

    If you are addicted to collecting something, you may feel a sense of helplessness or lack of control when it comes to buying more or searching for hours on end for items to add to your collection. However, you can regain control of the behavior by using the scientifically proven Sedona Method to release.

    “Collecting should be fun,” Dwoskin says. “If it is no longer fun for you and your loved ones, you are paying too much of a price for what you are collecting and it's time to release.”

    With The Sedona Method, whenever you feel you are losing control you'll repeat a series of simple questions that will allow you to release.When you let go of negative thoughts or feelings, you will instead be filled with a sense of empowerment, confidence and freedom -- everything you need to get immediate relief from the effects of addictive behaviors.

    This works so well because all habit patterns, such as being addicted to collecting, are locked in by patterns of feeling. When a feeling pops up, such as lust or desire, you compensate for them by taking a particular action. In this case, you may feel lustful about a certain object, or bored in general, and use collecting as a way to indulge the feeling.

    But when you let go of the underlying feeling, you’ll notice that the activity has less control over you. Even if initially you still engage in collecting, as long as you are releasing when you do, the behavior will slowly drop away.

    “You can release your addiction and your feeling that you must collect, and still enjoy your collection,” Dwoskin says. “The more you let go of your lust for more, the more you’ll find that you can enjoy collecting and not feel run by your collection.”
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