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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs The Sedona Method in the Current Financial Crisis

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  • Why Every Entrepreneur Needs The Sedona Method in the Current Financial Crisis

    By now most everyone is feeling some sort of financial strain, but entrepreneurs are among those hardest hit. Last February, 55 percent of small-business owners said their business had been affected by the credit crunch. By August of this year it had increased to 67 percent, and it’s likely even higher now.

    Ironically, while many entrepreneurs are struggling to stay afloat, Americans see entrepreneurship as a lifeboat.

    "Americans in big numbers are looking to entrepreneurs to rally the economy," said Carl Schramm, president and chief executive officer of the Kauffman Foundation. "More than 70 percent of voters say the health of the economy depends on the success of entrepreneurs, and a full 80 percent want to see the government use its resources to actively encourage entrepreneurship in America."

    Meanwhile, 56 percent of people surveyed by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation said they trust small-business owners to guide the economy, compared with only 14 percent who trust members of Congress.

    To put it simply: America needs entrepreneurs. Yet, while 49 percent of survey respondents said they see opportunities for entrepreneurial ideas despite the economy, only 26 percent would actually consider starting a business within the next five years, according to the Kauffman Foundation.

    Urgent Help for Entrepreneurs

    Those of you who are already in the small-business world know all too well the perils that the economic crisis is wreaking on entrepreneurs. But there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel if you learn the principles behind The Sedona Method, and implement them into the daily workings of your business.

    “Right now we're in the middle of a situation that is unprecedented on the global scale,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates. “This means the tried and true ways that you used to approach problems may or may not work. So it is critically important that you don’t simply do what you've always done. Instead you must start responding to what is actually happening now.”

    The best way to do this is not to go only on your past experience, as you may be inclined to do, but rather be open to the clear reason and intuitive knowingness that is telling you what is appropriate NOW -- when money may be tighter than usual, you may have fewer employees, or you’re struggling to keep your business open altogether.

    Intuition is knowledge or cognition gained without any rational, intellectual thought or effort. One of the keys to developing your intuition is to use it. This, of course, requires you to be able to identify it and then harness it in a practical way. The trouble is that many of us have made a habit out of suppressing our very valuable intuition.

    Instead, we listen to the 'talk' that goes on in our heads, and all too often this talk is negative, self-limiting beliefs like doubt, fear, and anxiety. Not only do these feelings dampen your personal and business growth, but they make it nearly impossible to obtain peace of mind.

    If your intuition is currently hiding somewhere inside of you, underneath all of your worries and to-do lists, The Sedona Method is a powerful tool to help you release and access your intuitive powers and higher consciousness.

    “I do not know any better way to access your clear reason and intuitive knowingness than learning and practicing releasing or letting go,” Dwoskin says. “The more you release or let go using the Sedona Method the more likely you are to find new and innovative ways to make clear decisions and follow through with right action.”

    “If you're having trouble deciding what is best, you can use this technique from The Sedona Method,” he continues. “It’s called the advantages and disadvantages process, and it involves bringing to mind both the pros and the cons of each of your options, then letting your feelings about them go. Remember that when you do this process it is important to release on both sides. Once you release on both sides you’ll find yourself doing much more clearly exactly what it is you need to do. Also it is important that you allow yourself to stay open to what you're feeling -- and remember that it's just a feeling and you can let it go.”

    The more you use The Sedona Method, the more you will act on intuition instead of on emotional reactions. And it is listening to your inner voice, and not reacting to the externally tumultuous environment, that will keep your business alive and ultimately make it thrive.
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