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Why You Should NOT Cut Out Spending on Entertainment in the Recession (but How to...

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  • Why You Should NOT Cut Out Spending on Entertainment in the Recession (but How to...

    Why You Should NOT Cut Out Spending on Entertainment in the Recession (but How to Be Smart About It)

    With one in eight U.S. homeowners either late paying their mortgage or already in foreclosure,and unemployment rates at a 16.5-year high, many families are scaling back their spending, big time.

    After paying for necessities like housing and food, your first instinct may be to cut back on spending on those little luxuries that allow you to enjoy life -- things like an occasional dinner out or an afternoon at the movies.

    However, it’s not wise to completely cut out spending on entertainment, because it is these brief enjoyable interludes that give us a chance to unwind and regroup.

    “It is important to still make time for relaxation and entertainment even if you spend small amounts of money on it because we all need relief,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates. “If we simply work and do not play then we’re living to work as opposed to working to live.”

    All work and no play can quickly lead to burn out and, worse, chronic stress, which is associated with everything from diabetes and accelerated aging, to problems in your relationships. So it really is a necessity to take time out to enjoy life, and ideally this should happen more than once in a while.

    Entertainment on a Budget
    If you’re low on cash or struggling to make ends meet, we’re certainly not saying it’s a wise idea to indulge in an extravagant vacation or expensive dinners every night of the week. But putting aside a little something extra to visit a museum over the weekend or rent a few movies on Friday night may help boost your spirits.

    What other types of entertainment can you find even on a very tight budget?
    • The library is free and full of books, movies (there may be a small fee) and music
    • Visit an art gallery and marvel at the paintings and sculptures
    • Cook a special dinner together as a couple, or make cookies with the kids
    • Play cards, board games or start a book club with a group of friends
    • Go to the beach, forest preserve, park or any other green space nearby
    • Attend free film screenings and festivals, or low-cost fairs that are available in many communities
    • Start an engaging hobby like knitting or gardening
    • Go to a minor league baseball game or see a play at a small, local theater (including those at colleges and high schools)

    You can also devote a bit of time to learning The Sedona Method and even start a releasing group in your area, which will make all aspects of your life more enjoyable. The premise is that when you learn how to release your negative emotions, you'll feel calm and at peace even while you're at work, and even in the midst of financial challenges. The Sedona Method simply helps you to enjoy life more,no matter what your budget.

    'We never need to spend money to allow ourselves to be happy and enjoy life,' Dwoskin says. 'Life and happiness are free. So if you allow yourself to release you'll find that you enjoy whatever you do more, and can easily entertain yourself on a smaller budget.'
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