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  • Get Your FREE DVD and CD and Learn How to Control Your Anger NOW

    Life does not always go smoothly. Every day you face situations where your self-control will be challenged. Feelings of frustration and stress become outbursts of anger, wreaking havoc in your world that can cause you to snap.

    If you are tired of gritting and baring your teeth or beating the nearest pillow, or worse, then read on.

    Are you ready for a quick, powerful and effective alternative to anger management called The Sedona Method?

    The scientifically proven The Sedona Method is an elegant, easy-to-learn, do-it-yourself system that will show you how to access your natural ability to let go of any negative thought or feeling on the spot including all forms of anger and rage. It's not just about controlling your anger, it's about letting go of your anger for good.

    You can use The Sedona Method techniques in life to get immediate relief from the effects of anger and hate whenever you feel you are losing control of your anger. The Sedona Method also helps you to easily break the patterns of thought and behavior that cause this form of self-sabotage to reoccur.

    See, hear and feel your negativity and your anger dissolve on the spot.

    When you perceive you are about to lose control, simply ask yourself the easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember questions that make up The Sedona Method, and you will feel the tightness leaving your stomach, shoulders and chest. In its place, you will feel ease, relaxation and confidence. You will no longer feel angry and out of control, stressed and frustrated. Feeling more relaxed, you will be capable of handling whatever life throws at you more easily. The noise of your mind will subside, and you will have the clarity of mind to say and do what is appropriate and natural in order to master any life situation .
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