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Beyond Traditional Anger Management Techniques: Ready for Something that Works?

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  • Beyond Traditional Anger Management Techniques: Ready for Something that Works?

    If you are like the scores and multitudes of other folks, you've tried just about everything to help with that "anger problem" people tell you you have. And, secretly, you don’t want to be angry so you (with doubts that they will actually work) try various tips for anger management. You scream into pillows. You go a few rounds with a punching bag. You take up playing drums. You talk in groups about all of the things that you think make you angry, and all that does is justify your anger even further! Yet you are serious, and really want control your anger because it is affecting your overall quality of life, your health, and your relationships are suffering immensely. Look no further, in The Sedona Method Audio Course. Your search for an answer is finally here...

    Anger Management Classes, Tips, Tricks, and Dead Ends

    There are many anger management techniques floating around. But they only teach you how to manage or control your anger. What if there was a way you could simply LET GO of wanting or needing, even let go of the very desire to justify feeling angry? What if you could do this letting go within seconds, with a very simple set of internal steps you can take anywhere, anytime? The Sedona Method Audio Course teaches you exactly that, faster than you ever imagined. No more fancy words like cognitive restructuring, hypnosis, painful, memory-invoking and potentially embarrassing role-playing, or forced meditation. No need to change your current environment, avoidance of issues that upset you, or having to wait to discuss anything that aggravates you. The Sedona Method is not about avoidance, which only leads to more pent-up anger. This is not a tip or a trick. The Sedona Method Audio Course is a critical life skill that puts the power back in your hands to manage your own life, regardless of stressful external circumstances. Give yourself the best gift you will ever receive. You deserve it, at long last. Order Now.
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