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  • Countdown on AUSTRALIA!

    TSM in Australia!
    Greetings from Sedona from Annrika and Tim!
    We are bringing the Sedona Method to Australia for the first time and invite you to be a part of this exciting beginning. It's a little over a month away...interest is building...and we'd love to see you there!

    Join us in Albany, Western Australia's oldest European settlement, featuring some of Australia's most rugged and spectacular scenery. Or, join us in Brisbane; balmy, tropical, cosmopolitan, close to Australia's famous Gold Coast.! All the details can be found on our website:

    The schedule is as follows:

    Albany, W.A.: April 30-May 1 for The Sedona Method/Living Letting Go - $445
    May 2-3 for Coach Level One Training - $545

    Brisbane: May 7-8 for The Sedona Method/Living Letting Go - $445
    May 9-10 for Coach Level One Training - $545

    See below for Early Bird Specials

    Four days of releasing designed to make releasing constant and allow life to flow with ease.
    Participating in a live Sedona Method seminar is a unique and invaluable experience: the opportunity to be in a group focused on freedom creates tremendous releasing momentum. The synergy of the group and the hands on experience and interaction with the facilitators provides a solid understanding and facile use of The Sedona Method...nothing compares to being there, in person!

    As you can see we will be offering back-to-back seminars. The Sedona Method/Living Letting Go Seminar, covering all the tools of The Sedona Method as well as the Triple Welcoming process as featured in the movie "Letting Go". This weekend seminar gives all participants, newcomers and releasers alike, the opportunity to work on life issues and goals, allowing you to move ahead in life by re-discovering our natural ability to let go; the key to happiness, health and wellbeing! It will empower you to be self-sufficient with the Sedona Method.

    The Coach Level One Training will build on the previous two days, allowing participants to deepen their understanding, experience, and momentum created through four consecutive days of using The Sedona Method. Exercises and releasing partnerships allow you to better facilitate yourself and others. Supporting others in releasing is enriching for both partners and brings so much more power to the process. It is the beginning of building a solid releasing community and establishing lasting and rewarding releasing partnerships in your world!

    Tips for sharing The Method:
    Simply speak from your experience, and from your heart. Ask if there are areas in their life that they would like to change...and then share how this simple, powerful process has helped you. Regardless of what you say, however...simply release when you are sharing...they will pick up on that...the words you say are mere pointers. When you share the Sedona Method with family, friends, neighbors, associates and clients, and have people around you who are releasing your whole perspective on life changes! Something wonderful's contagious and supports everyone!

    We suggest you go to our website Sedona Method Coaching worldwide is life coaching using The Sedona Method® and the website (Forum, Blog and Calendar) for more information as well. The Letting Go Movie website is also a wonderful place to send interested people: they can view the trailer or purchase the "Letting Go" movie there. The movie is a great way to share The Sedona speaks for itself, provides viewers a 68 minute taste of TSM, and is a great a movie party or two is a great way to share the Method, and provides people a good sense of what they can expect in the seminars we'll be offering!

    Please note that registration and payment (through PayPal) are all done through our website. We have initiated an Early Bird Price incentive until April 15th - Living Letting Go at $395, and Coach Level One at $495. To benefit the most, and for an additional savings of $195, we are offering both seminars for an Early Bird Special of $695 until April15th.

    Well, that's the latest news: we are pleased to be making the trip to Australia, see the beautiful country and meet some great people!

    Any questions, please email [email protected] Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Warm regards,
    Annrika and Tim

    Annrika James Sedona Method® Licensed Instructor & Certified Coach
    Tim McCavitt Sedona Method® Certified Coach
    Sedona Method Coaching Worldwide
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