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Beyond Letting Go: The Ultimate Wellbeing in Pasadena CA

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  • Beyond Letting Go: The Ultimate Wellbeing in Pasadena CA

    Beyond Letting Go: The Ultimate Wellbeing Seminar in Pasadena, California
    Coming soon: October 12, 13 & 14, 2012
    Facilitated by Sedona Method Instructors Annrika James and Tim McCavitt


    What we are is already whole, complete and perfect right here, right now.

    This seminar (as with all the Sedona Method seminars we present) is based on this unchanging truth.
    Just as dew drops appear and disappear effortlessly so too the contrary beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings that cover our ultimate wellbeing and aliveness easily and simply dissolve when we no longer treat them as though they are who we are and as though they are the truth. The power of welcoming allows abundance and acceptance to flow into all areas of our lives, naturally. Seeing through the illusion of separation and limitation with the 5th Way reveals the wholeness and perfection that has always been here. This seminar is an opportunity to directly experience that for yourself.

    There is nothing like this live weekend seminar, specifically designed to guide and support you in discovering for yourself that which you already are. Make what Lester Levenson said, "Truth is that which never changes" your living experience.

    Here are two gains we've received that speak for themselves:

    "It really was the best seminar I have ever attended, I was able to not only
    learn but practice some very valuable tools that I can take out with me into
    everyday life. I had the opportunity to release on issues I had been avoiding
    for years in a safe and loving environment."
    J. K.

    "Today, and moreover right now, I am feeling more "alive" than I felt in months.
    Life is exciting again for no reason at all. I have made some tremendous gains in
    the past nine months...but even throughout all that progress, I haven't felt as effort-
    lessly free, happy and alive as I do right now."
    M. L.

    This seminar is open to newcomers and experienced releasers alike.
    The simplicity and experiental nature of The Sedona Method allows everyone to benefit and supports every participant in their own process. There is no better way to immerse yourself in The Sedona Method than a live event. The synergy of a group of like-minded people all focused on freedom is amazingly supportive and rewarding!

    For full details and to register, click here!

    You'll come away feeling renewed, empowered, fully alive and in love with life, yourself and those you care about!

    Warm regards,

    Annrika and Tim
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    Tim McCavitt Sedona Method Instructor
    [email protected]