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Australia Intensive, 19-23 Sept., 2014

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  • Australia Intensive, 19-23 Sept., 2014

    Dear All,

    The Australia Intensive - Brisbane, Australia
    September 19 - 23, 2014

    The Sedona Method has a growing presence in Australia, this being
    the fourth consecutive year we're presenting the Australia Intensive.
    No matter what the focus of the Seminars is each year, The Method
    is continually evolving--and we're happy to provide the opportunity
    for you to be a part of this; to experience in person the latest processes
    and perspectives.

    Part 1: The Power of Letting Go
    Being in the present moment allows for change and living your full
    potential. Letting go is natural, and the power of The Sedona Method
    is in its elegance and simplicity.

    "After the first two days I found myself to be very relaxed and laughing
    a lot. I had some major insights on how I am not my feelings, and we are
    all connected. I found that Tim and Annrika's teaching methods were
    simple and to the point, and made The Method a lot easier to understand
    and less cluttered than other releasing methods and teachers. Although I
    am in the early stages of my releasing life, I can certainly say that it is
    the best and most practicable method I have encountered and I am look-
    ing forward to what the future will bring with releasing in my life."

    Shannon J., Moranbah, QLD

    "I came to the Intensive to sort out a small selection of 'issues' but left
    with much more than I had bargained for. This is easily the best retreat
    I've been to--including a retreat in Sedona. The combination of outstand-
    ing content and seemingly limitless assistance from both instructors has
    made for a devastatingly effective assault on my stories, beliefs and every-
    thing else I thought limited my experience. Thanks."
    Tegan M., Bentley, WA

    Part 2: Opening to Love, Life and Relationships

    The power of love will deepen the exploration and momentum gained in
    Part 1. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and our natural state
    of being...yet how often do we tap this force for good in our lives?

    "This Intensive helped me to get in touch with core programming that has
    had me in a straightjacket for most of my life. As the 'stuff' came up and was
    released, more kept coming up until I felt really cleansed. The process is still
    working, and I am starting to feel really alive and connected to everything.
    I have been releasing for two years and I thought I was doing alright, but this
    Intensive took me to a much deeper level. It also connected me to so many
    wonderful like-minded people from around Australia, whom I might otherwise
    never have met. The gentle, loving guidance of Tim and Annie is wonderful;
    thank you for your generosity in helping us on our journey."

    Ruki B., Endeavour Hills, VIC

    "Having attended an Intensive with Hale in Arizona, it was great to devote
    another five days with a group of like-minded people to exploring The Sedona
    Method and to feel my habitual patterns and judgments fall away. I'm so grateful
    for these tools and for the Sedona community. Thanks Annie and Tim for coming
    all the way to Brisbane!"
    Jacqueline J., Reid, ACT

    We invite you to join us in Brisbane in September and experience for yourself
    how powerfully transformative letting go and opening to love can be!

    Register by July 31st and take advantage of Early Bird Savings!
    The Australia Intensive - Brisbane, Australia
    September 19 - 23, 2014


    Annrika and Tim
    Sedona Method Licensed Instructors and Certified Coaches
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    Tim McCavitt Sedona Method Instructor
    [email protected]