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  • Los Angeles Live Seminar 2018

    The Power of Welcoming - L.A. / Pasadena - March 2, 3 & 4, 2018

    Presented by Licensed Sedona Method Instructors Annrika James and Tim McC

    The power of The Sedona Method is in its simplicity!

    And having a solid foundation through knowledge and experience with all the 5 Ways of releasing is paramount to your ongoing success. This dynamic has not changed since its creation, in fact, it becomes more evident with each seminar we teach.

    Technology has certainly made it easier to hear about and learn The Method, yet we cannot speak highly enough of the benefits of attending a live seminar to become proficient in its application--a pure, hands-on living experience with others intent on improving themselves and their lives. If you are self-motivated and willing to go deeper with your use of this powerful self help tool, then we invite you to join us in Pasadena over a weekend focused on welcoming and letting go.

    Imagine multiplying the benefits a thousandfold!

    Participating in this live event is a wonderful and rare opportunity to truly embrace your natural ability to let go and open to the loving presence that is your basic nature. You will find yourself more familiar and confident with all the processes, especially goal setting and accomplishment, and more able to apply them on your own in your daily life.

    What you are is all welcoming!

    Whether you are new to The Sedona Method or have been releasing for a while, we invite you to fully experience the infinite Power of Welcoming and join us in Southern California in March. There is an awesome energy that is unleashed when we gather and release together, and it can really be profoundly transformative -- and fun!

    Go to link below for complete details and to register. Note: Early Bird Pricing until January 31, 2018
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