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Power of Courageousness Seminar Los Angeles / Pasadena CALIFORNIA

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  • Power of Courageousness Seminar Los Angeles / Pasadena CALIFORNIA

    Los Angeles / Pasadena CALIFORNIA
    MAY 3-5, 2019

    There is a natural, inherent power within us that is key to having, doing and being what we choose in life. It is the energy or feeling of courageousness, residing in and emanating from our very core. When we go into action from this inclusive feeling of courageousness, this feeling or sense of "I can", our goals and aspirations become achievable. When this infinite power of courageousness is freed from the shrouds of negativity covering it, our unlimited potential can burst forth to fruition. Enthusiasm, creativity, confidence, focus, initiative, resilience, openness are many of the qualities that reflect the positive, unstoppable energy of courageousness.

    The Sedona Method is the optimum tool to tap into this innate power. This specially designed seminar will support you in dissolving those inner restraints and holdbacks, the "I can't" or "I don't know how" that have been eroding your happiness, success and wellbeing. When you embrace the power of courageousness as your 'home base', ideas and appropriate actions get clearer and come from an inner sense of certainty and strength, knowing that all is possible. When you feel "I can"... you can!

    We invite you to join us on this specially designed seminar to enhance and deepen your use of The Sedona Method. As Licensed Sedona Method Instructors we both have over 42 years of practical life experience with this powerful, life-changing method. We will be using all the interchangeable tools of The Sedona Method to directly experience the simplicity and effectiveness of all the processes. You can focus on those areas of importance to you, to dissolve the inner holdbacks to achieving your goals, and open to positive outcomes for everyone's best and highest good. You will come away with the tools and the confidence to continue letting go with ease in your daily life and have the well-being, success and abundance that is natural and inherent to us all.

    For more information and to register, click the link below:…/…
    Love, Annrika and Tim

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    Tim McCavitt Sedona Method Instructor
    [email protected]