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  • Clarie van de Langenberg
    Reviews about the Sedona Method Movie Letting Go

    On October 8th we watched the Movie Letting Go with a group of 16 people in IJsselstein, a small town near Utrecht, the Netherlands. For some people this was the first time they were introduced to the Sedona Method, for others it was a great overview of the possibilities of the method.

    Here are some of their reactions, right after watching the movie:

    People 'struggle' for years with frustrations, anxiety, addictions and can let this go in no time - unbelievable!

    I have some experience with the method and recognized a lot of things, still interesting to hear it again and to realize this method really works, also for me.
    Beautiful movie. Good addition to other information. Nice to see so many people are involved in this. Certainly something to continue.
    Interesting, allthough a lot of repitition in the movie. Would like to learn this myself. Inspiring.
    I am critical if it really works as well as is shown in the movie. But I'm curious to find out for myself.
    For me this is the first time I learned about the Sedona Method. Impressive that one should go 'deep inside', allow feelings to be there, before you are able to let them go. How beautiful is the human brain!
    Unconsciously we hold on to all those negative feelings. A beautiful method. I will certainly investigate this further.
    Impressive: the personal stories that are familiar, like the man who lost his loved one, or the addiction to food.
    While watching the movie I could let go and was inspired to continue with releasing.
    Was reminded that all is well already, feel more in the moment now instead of in my head.
    I feel it is an interesting movie. A simple concept to let things go. The idea that all negative feelings, are feelings you hold on to yourself implies automatically that you are also able to decide to let them go and that it is not always necesarry to figure them out. Like you don't figure out why you are happy. You accept that. That is a beautiful insight to get.
    Insightful, a clear impression how the Sedona Method can be used and that it actually is useable for everything life confronts you with.
    A beautiful addition to the former introduction DVD.
    I have the wish to release more systematic and often.
    During the movie I alsmost constantly released along and that felt very good.
    The simplicity made an impression on me. Inspiring technique.
    Ik enjoyed the movie very much.
    It was certainly worth while to watch this movie for a second time. You are already complete as you are now. Thanks.
    Beautifully build movie with emphasis on the right moments.
    I learned that living in the now is a natural state.
    What impressed me was that we are on a constant search for security. And we jump from one relief to another.
    Inspiring and touching. I was surprised by the effect of 'welcoming' - this was new to me with the Sedona Method. The eternal paradox -> letting go by welcoming. Thanks!

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  • Clarie van de Langenberg
    Upcoming Free Live Letting Go Movie Event in The Netherlands, Utrecht

    On Friday October 8, there is another Free Live Letting Go Movie Event.

    We start at 20:30 hours (entrance from 20:15).
    We will watch the movie Letting Go until 22:00 hours.
    There is time to have a drink and/or ask questions until 22:30 hours.

    The event is in the Ontmoetingskerk in IJsselstein, near Utrecht.

    Contact me when you want to join us!

    (There is a limited amount of seats, so you have to register).


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  • Minja
    This is great! I find this really great that you are going to watch this movie together and meet each other and exchange experiences.

    I am sending you all great wishes and a hug!

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  • Clarie van de Langenberg
    Yesterday evening we had the first Letting Go movie event in IJsselstein (Utrecht).

    We had a full room (more then 30 people) coming, from all over the country. A lot of people were new to the Sedona Method and were impressed with and touched by the movie.

    Here are some of their reactions to the Letting Go movie:

    I feel the movie is well done & inspiring.

    The most beautiful part for me was the realisation that letting go of pain does not automatically mean that you let go of the beautiful memories that come with it. This made the biggest impression on me.

    And that is seems to be so simple to let go.

    Joanne, age 39
    Beautiful movie.

    Allthough I recognized a lot from other movies and books, I feel inspired again.

    Amazing to watch how stuck people can be and what a waste it is, because it is not necessary, as we see in the movie. Beautiful!

    Arlette, age 38
    Beautiful movie, so simple, insights about things I know but still forget. Enjoy life, let it be.

    Ingeborg, age 45
    A lot of recognition. Especially the pain of the man who had lost his wife moved me deeply. And then especially the 'AHA' moment after/during the Sedona Method that Hale used with him!
    I hope that I can apply that more often too.

    Ilse, age 59
    Is worth it to watch it again. Became more conscious of the fact that 'all is well as it is.'

    Michelle, age 58
    It is allways difficult (for me) to give an immediate reaction to a movie like this. Digesting is necessary. My first impulses are positive, but there are also a lot of questions. The movie will be on my mind for some time to come.

    Henk, age 62
    What struck me was how easy it is, so simple and I saw the relaxation in the faces of the people, when they simply opened.

    What also struck me, was the humor, that came along with seeing through and letting go of ideas and limitations.

    Angela, age 55
    Beautifully done!
    Touching those people, especially that black male.
    Again an inspiration to continue releasing.
    At the end I suffered from a little cough and welcomed that and I was quiet again!

    Lovely to see Hale working, also beautiful that there is a good balance between male and female, normal people.

    Elmer, age 55
    I laughed a lot and enjoyed it very much.

    P. te D. age 37
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  • Clarie van de Langenberg
    Hi Diana,

    thanks for your posting; I'll contact you this afternoon and fill you in on the details.

    I also editted the link in my former posting - it is working properly now.

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    I WILL COME with MY FOLLOWERS on Aug. 27th coming up

    Dear Clarie van de Langenberg,

    Thanks for organizing this. GREAT Idea Clarie. I did called you several times, still no answer so far. To cut long story short; I would love to come with my followers in UTRECHT area, I think about 6 persons.

    I'm looking forward to hear from you for more information and meet you in person.

    Diana ANGEL VOICES, Phone no. +31 623 727 021

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  • Watch the Movie Letting Go with us for Free | the Netherlands, Utrecht area

    Do you want to watch the movie Letting Go with a group of people?
    Afterwards there is time to have a drink and a talk about the movie.

    This is possible every 6-8 weeks in IJsselstein, a small town near Utrecht.
    We hope you join us!

    Upcoming events:

    Frdiday, August 27, 20:30 - 22:15

    There is no charge.

    Link to find more information and to register:
    Calendar: Upcoming Meetup list - The Netherlands - Utrecht - Sedona Method ® Meetup Group (Utrecht) -

    or have a look at the calendar on my website:
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