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    "I gained the value and importance of trusting. I struggle with believing my own thoughts. I let go of my paranoia and I looked at the glass half full. I let go of the small things that can be fixed. I realized to stay present and that things don't have to get done at this second. I really like the Sedona Method. Thanks."
    Victoria, age 17

    "I really gained a lot from this experience. I really thought a lot, let go a lot. I feel a lot lighter. I also felt really at peace even though all day I felt just really tense and uptight. I really enjoyed it....thank you very much."
    Anna Beth, age 15

    "I felt very calm and happy which I have not felt in a long time. I liked to be able to listen for awhile and do the releasing exercises. I felt very open. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed our time with you."
    Paxton, age 14

    "I gained a cleansing. I have released a lot. I liked relaxing and being quiet for a little bit."
    Mackenzie, age 16
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      Hi Annie,

      thank you, that is so moving!

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        that's great!