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    I need some help with some really tough issues I've been having releasing.
    I have these feelings or shame and guilt VERY frequently and have been working on releasing them. Whenever I release these feelings and no matter for how long at a time, they keep coming back. And I also feel terrified by I panic about people discovering the stuff I'm ashamed of (A lot of stuff). So I feel afraid and angry all the time I'm around people (Including at home). I feel really depressed when I think someone has found out about my shame, which is like everyday.

    So, this is it, I'm looking for ANY help I can get.

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    Dear Ritam,

    There are a few things here that are causing the stickiness; the belief that it's a "really tough issue"; that "the feelings keep coming back"; and that "you have to keep working on it!"

    1. It's helpful to include and welcome all the labels the mind has attached to this issue, like "really tough", "shameful", "panic", etc.. Do you see how these labels make it feel more real, meaningful and significant? They feed the appearance of a seemingly insurmountable problem! Look thru the labels to what is actually here now, some sensations and thoughts simply arising in awareness. Ask yourself, "Am I these passing thoughts and feelings, or am I that which is aware?"

    2. The feelings of guilt and shame that you have released are gone. Similar feelings may or may not arise; if they do, simply release again and be open to the possibilty that this could be your last release on this issue. Be open to completion.

    There are several powerful completion questions to ask yourself at the end of each releasing process, i.e: "Could I decide that I've been punished enough?" "Could I let go of wanting to suffer in that way again?" "Could I let go of wanting to identify with that story again?" "Can I let go of wanting to make it real again?"

    As you let go of wanting to change the past, you can move ahead in your life with ease!

    Please let us know how it's going.
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    Annrika James Sedona Method Instructor
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      Thank you Annrika,
      I think you just spotted the reason why I was having this issue....I think I can release this for good now


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        Great Ritam,

        You've got my support and all the support of the universe!

        All the best.
        Annrika James Sedona Method Instructor
        [email protected]


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          Hi Annrika,I am dealling with an long depression,2 yares,I have a 4 yares little girl,from a relationshipwith a married man,2 yares ago i suffered a nervouse breakdown,I lost job,hope,and i lost control of my feeling,so it keept gone whorse,first I was feelling disaapointed,angry,and so scared of feeling that i had in my childhood,they all camed back,in that moment,i was alone,feeling guilty about a lot of things,and so scared. Now I am dealling with a lot of thougts,i look back and i see that i leved i misery for 2 yares ,I barely remember how to cook,or to do cleaning in house,or taking care of me and my child,i am looking for a job,but i keep resisting,a month ago i started looking for help on internet,so i find out about a way to release,to feel my self free,whole,loving and to keep doing things that once i've done with joy,and succes.
          I'm resisting worries,memories,and also a loot of scenaryes ,please,help me,untill i buy the book fromAmazon,I really think You will hellp do this,please! Thank you.
          Angela 31 yares Roumania!


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            Hi Angela,

            you have found a start here, to let go of your worries, memories, feelings, thoughts and pictures!

            Maybe you already realized that resisting all this will work like glue, and make you hold on to it.

            Could you ask yourself: do I want to hold on to my worries (etc), or would I rather be free?
            And if you would rather be free, could you welcome the worries as best as you can? And whatever comes up with it?

            Is there a want to change it, a wish it would be different? Can you welcome that wish too? (Just for now)
            Together with how personal these worries feel.

            Does it feel a little bit lighter now? Can you breath a little bit better?

            When you check inside, what's here now, in this moment (without going back into memory)?

            Could you welcome that, as best as you can?
            Could you welcome any aversion or attachment to that?
            and could you welcome any sense this is yours or about you?

            Again, check inside, what's here now?

            If there are remaining worries, welcome that as best as you can.
            and welcome any want to push this away or hold it close.
            also welcome these sense this is yours, this belongs to you.

            Repeat these questions until you feel lighter, feel more space or happiness etc.

            Let us know how this is working for you,

            the best,

            Clarie van de Langenberg --- Sedona Method® Certified Coach
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              thank you so much Clarie! I have the feeling that someone is with me in all this.Today i consider this steps with any memorie,feeling..etc that cames,as soon as i come back at inetrnet I let You know how good I,m doing!


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                Hello Angela,

                So happy that you have joined us here, you will find a lot of support. You are not unusual, so many of us have/had stories of worries.
                When we have had the same story for a long time throughout our lives, we identify with it as who we are. It is a false identity, yet quite convincing.
                What is so helpful is to sit quietly, focus inside, and just allow yourself to notice what is present in this moment. Perhaps an unwanted thought or feeling. Allow it to be here as best as you can without resisting it. Then enquire of yourself: Could I let it it possible? Would I let it I willing to? When? Holding a small object in your hand, like a pen, and letting it fall to the floor as you do this is very helpful in the beginning. If you are a visual person, imagine smoke going up a chimney, or clouds naturally passing through the sky. You can continue to practice this simple process throughout your day wherever you feel frustrated, worried or upset.

                Also allow yourself to become aware of when you feel relaxed and at ease throughout the day, and especially your love for your little girl. As you allow yourself to become more familiar and interested in these qualities which are your true nature, that which you are not (the story of worry) will become less interesting.

                I highly recommend getting the movie "Letting Go". It's a great way to learn and practice TSM with other people just like you and me.

                With love,
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                Annrika James Sedona Method Instructor
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                  Dear Annie,
                  sawyng your message had brought warm feeling of gratitude,I sincerilly thank you for your response,I feel that I have so nice and warm feeling to embrace. For the past cople days I often sit and said to myself" Ok..let's welcome this memorie..with all want to change it..with all that cames with it...and at the end i said to myself..I want to be free..fell the love inside I let go"I know that with every time when I release I'm warmer,peacefull,closer to my true nature wich is LOVE"
                  I finaly allowed myself to feel my love for my mother,wich was bloked for 31 yares as response for here abusses .This days i reached my mother into my arms..and it feelt so mine...
                  Thank you for helping me releasing guilt of not loving my mother,and the pain of beyng hurt by here.
                  I know is just the beggining,so I release more..


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                    Dear Angela,

                    It's wonderful to hear of this opening to the love that is already here as your basic nature.

                    The simple Holistic process of welcoming both sides of the same coin (the polarity of nonlove/love) is so powerful and supportive of your releasing momentum. It can be practiced easily throughout the day. As you welcome back and forth, nonlove dissolves into love. You can explore other polarities in the same way, i.e. tension/ease; holding on/letting go; sad/happy; I am not enough/I am enough.

                    As they dissolve one another, allow the warmth, peace and love to shine and flow throughout your whole body, melting any remaining heaviness or darkness, and beyond.......Love is the universal solent!

                    With love,
                    Annrika James Sedona Method Instructor
                    [email protected]


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                      2 weeks ago my boyfriend ended our relationship, suddenly and not in the manner in which we had agreed to end things so we could both feel good about it. We have been trying to be friends with emails and text messages. He runs hot and cold and so today I ended that too. I am too hurt and too angry and too raw to take the inconsistency. I seem to be able to release for a moment or 2 and then I am flooded again with the hurt and anger and simply missing him. please help. I want to be free!


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                        also, how do I change my username... it should not be what it is for obvious reasons. thanks.


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                          Dear doulaconnie,

                          Your reaction is completely natural.

                          Could you as best you can just be ok with the feelings that are coming up. Simply allow them, welcome them. A lot of energy will come up and simply allow it to flow through.

                          One of the ways we cause ourselves pain when someone we love is gone, is by thinking we need to stop loving them, trying to suppress our love. Love doesn't need to be expressed to be fulfilling. So along with allowing any anger or hurt, could you also welcome and allow any love? Could you let go of believing that you love will hurt you or make you vulnerable to him?

                          Give yourself time, relax, and as best you can, let go of wanting to get rid of the feelings or hurry up and get over him. The hurty part will release itself naturally the more you are open to your feelings and simply notice, welcome, allow those sensations.

                          Keep us posted....

                          And feel free to call for assistance. All of the coaches here offer a complimentary 15-30 minute session.

                          Susan Seifert
                          Certified Sedona Method Coach
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                            I cried when I read your story, Angela. It reminded me of how my relationship with my own Mother has healed and how wonderful that is.