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need help releasing fatigue, apathy?, the feeling that its my fault

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  • need help releasing fatigue, apathy?, the feeling that its my fault

    Yeah, and probably resistance. Right now, I'm thinking I can't focus on releasing until I get a nap. It may be partially due to a "designer label". I blame myself for what I do and don't do with my body as well as my mind. I have a small voice saying just be ok with it whatever it is I love that voice. Hope it gets bigger

    Here I am talking about releasing again and not releasing...OK, so I released a little. Control! BTW have the women out there given up on mascara I find its pointless with my eyes leaking so often.

    So, this blaming thing... Sometimes it is my fault. What we are releasing is the charge to the thought that it is my fault? I'm wanting to figure it out. Resisting releasing this.

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    Can you find the one whose fault it is?
    Can you find the one who needs a nap? Who releases and then doesn't?

    If you explore these questions, you may discover there's no one to release and nothing to release. :-)

    And here's something else for you: Click
    Susan Seifert
    Certified Sedona Method Coach
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      Coach Susan you are great! Great suggestions!
      Waterproof mascara
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      Do what you do when you are doing it, and don't do what you are not doing when you are not doing it!


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        Thanks Susan,
        Its so cool how those questions work!

        BTW, what do you mean by Click? Is it mascara. I only use all natural cosmetics. I have nice eyes, but very light eyelashes


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          Susan's suggestions are great. I would also simply let go of wanting to punish yourself for whatever you believe requires punishment from the past. The past is dead and all there is is now. So explore what is here now beyond all stories.


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            Thank you so much Hale. I will remember this every time I blame myself, or say to myself its my fault.
            Jessica (Persephone's my handle )