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  • is this it?

    Honestly, I thought there was gonna be a lot more to it. This really seems like a movie, you know!! people acting. I honeslty think I just lost $24 dollars....

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    This is it and it has the potential to turn your life around if you are open to it. The techniques in the film are very powerful if you give them a chance. So are the perspectives. I would recommend before you jump to judgment that you watch the film a few more times. You will find that each time you watch the film you will get more out of it. I would also recommend that you explore this site. There are a lot of free resources that can help you on many levels. You can also get a free coaching session from one of our coaches if you would like.


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      Hello mariab_2000,

      This is it. And for me (I am also beginner) it cost so less and it is worth of fortune.
      Just like Hale said before bringing any judgment watch the movie few more times, buy or try to find CD's, read a book,take a coach session, or explore this site.

      Wish you luck! I am sure you will experience amazing stuff soon
      Do what you do when you are doing it, and don't do what you are not doing when you are not doing it!


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        It would be so wrong of me not to respond to your statement! I first came upon The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin, several years ago. (too long to recall). I was actually in the bookstore to find a book by Wayne Dyer, I spotted The Sedona Method Book right next to the book I wanted. I saw that the Method was about finding happiness, (my quest for decades!) I bought it without much thought. At home I read Dyers book and enjoyed it! Then I picked up The Sedona Method book and started on chapter 1. I soon got to Could you?, Would you?, When?. I thought:

        “ you’ve got to be kidding me!! Do you know my pain? How stupid a book! Who wrote this anyway? Ah, Hale Dwoskin. Well Mr. Dwoskin, you’d better come up with something more than these three stupid questions. Really, my suffering is extreme and it will take a lot more that Could you, Would you, When!!!!”

        I put the book in one of the bookcases ( I have over a 1,000 books) and forgot about it for several years. This summer I was into The Success Principles by Jack Canfield; great book, great man, smart, intelligent, if its by Jack you know its good! Half the way through The success Principles, Jack Canfield mentions The Sedona Method! I thought I recognize the name, and later searched my bookcases and found it! O, great I though, another great tip from good old Jack! Although I had the book Mariab, I new I had not read it, but couldn’t remember why not as I had bought it years earlier. Again, right into chapter one, and soon to Could you? Would you?, When?, then I remembered! Yes, the book that I spent $17 on with the three silly questions. Then I went to the beginning of the book and read Jack Canfield’s Introduction. I thought “OK” Jack Canfield would not indorse stupidity! I bit the bullet and started reading. I did not do any of the exercises initially, I just read the book. It took me most of the weekend to read it. Without having done the written work, I found a remarkable shift in myself by the time I had finished reading all of it. I then got a notebook and pencil, and started the book again form the beginning, doing ALL the exercise! Mariab, the Sedona Method works! Big time! You may think, as I once did, that your own personal life experiences are so painful and heavy that something so simple could never work, well I could write you a trilogy of my past painful sufferings, but I won’t because I am now at peace with ALL of it. The emotional pain is gone. And now I am FREE for the first time in my life to be all that I choose to experience in this life time. I have the movie and have played it several times a day. I then bought the 20 CD course, with workbook, and I have had profound changes in myself. I see the world differently now, from a different platform.

        Mariab, some of use learn differently. Maybe the book will speak to you better! Just set the movie aside if you like and get the book! And give it a go! Believe me, I don’t buy into all that is out there. The Sedona Method and the techniques that are offered are a life changing experience if you will allow yourself to have an open heart and open mind.

        Much love


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          I've often found that my greatest learning experiences are when something is other than what I thought it was