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Need some suggestions for Alcohol

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  • Need some suggestions for Alcohol

    Any suggestions for releasing on alcohol. My craving for alcohol is at it's highest when I'm physically hungry, at that point my brain doesn't function as well as my body, so releasing is difficult then. Usually I get busy with doing home projects such as making repairs on my house or improvements and instead of eating I end up drinking while I'm working. I've been releasing on it and found that it's a matter of control and I like how I feel when I drink. I think I am manifesting the problem by thinking I have to do so much at once instead of spreading out the work. I just started working on it so next I plan on doing the advantages/disadvantages to it. Any insights or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi, Stace,

    I'd suggest doing some triple welcoming on it:

    Could you allow yourself to welcome the issue, the memory of that habit or pattern?
    " " " " any feelings, wants, attachments or aversions to it, including wanting to change it and wanting to hold onto it? You may notice a lot of attachment to it, liking it; and that's ok. Simply notice what's there.
    Could you allow yourself to welcome the feeling it is personal, about you, a sense of identity with the habit or any of the feelings, etc.?

    Usually it will dissolve by the third leg of the welcoming. You can also ask yourself a final question - Could you notice the silence, space or beingness on or in which all of that appears?

    I would also do that process on a goal of not drinking, but phrase it in the positive, in other words how it will be. For instance, "I allow myself to enjoy activities, food and drink that support my health, clarity and well-being, with ease." Or more simply, "I allow myself to enjoy vibrant health and mental clarity." Something like that, where you focus on the result of being free of that habit.

    Finally, in all the releasing, check for the feeling of being controlled by the habit or substance. In most addictive behavior, eating or drinking, there's an element of feeling out of control. It's easy to release once you notice it.

    And as you may know, all the coaches here offer a free releasing session. So that is available to you whenever you like.



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      Stace45. Thank you for the question since I struggle with the same issue. And like you, I do a lot of things around the house and after feeling a sense of accomplishment, like to drink a beer or two or three or . . . That's where I struggle the most is allowing the effect of drink making me want to drink more - MAKING ME, REALLY. Why would I allow drinking make me drink more verses taking control. Yes I'm rambling but like you, I want to rid myself of the habit that gets in my way. Anyway, I'd love to hear about your success and how you used the Sedona Method to succeed. Thanks

      P.S. I'm very new to this and welcome any suggestions.


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        Thanks for your help. What finished it off for me was releasing on: "Do you remember how you used to have this problem of drinking alcohol." I now even drink alcohol in moderation. It doesn't even seem like I ever had a problem with that before.