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  • Release on Unrequited Love


    I'm sorry for asking what may seem to be a silly question but I need some help in how to release on someone who I deeply care about but who does not feel the same way.

    To be honest I'm not certain that she does not feel the same way but the vibe I'm getting is maybe she doesn't.

    The truth is I don't want to put myself in a position to feel the pain of being rejected by her so I just want to release any feelings I have so I can move on.

    The problem is I know I'm going to see her again and I just don't want to have these feelings for her anymore as the pain I'm experiencing at the moment is really hurting.

    Thanks for any advice you can give me.


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    Greg, Since you didn't specify who you'd take advice from, I'll assume you'll listen to anyone willing to hear your "story" of woe. So here goes.
    First of all, you need to man-up and deal with what seems to me to be the real issues here. Sounds like you've let that familiar old 3-headed, soul-sucking demon take up residence in your head, and now you're living your life inside the story the two of you have made up about you. The story that goes something like, "NOT GOOD ENOUGH, NOT ENOUGH, IF ONLY". Recognize it Mate?
    My advice, before you pursue this girl of your "dreams" is (as best you can, of course) to release on these other issues. 'Triple-welcome' the hell out of them, and then kick the crap out of them with the '5th way'. Repeat as needed. Hale or one of the Sedona Method coachs' can assist you with the correct verbage. There are other helpful people on this site as well.
    Next, I would advise you to release on your "wants" concerning the young lady. Then, grow a pair(do I have to explain), and be a little bold in approaching her. Have a little compassion for the issues she might have. Approach her with confidence and as a gentleman. Introduce yourself, focus on her eyes. Speak clearly, without hesitation. Present her with your card or perhaps flowers containing a card. Let her know that you've been noticing her and since you'll likely be running into each other again, you'd like to get to know her better. Let her know the card, or the card in the flowers, has your telephone number or e-mail address and ask her to get in touch with you if she would like to get a cup of coffee or a drink sometime and talk. Thank her, and politely excuse yourself....and leave it at that. Take a deep breath, congratulate yourself on taking a risk, and....release on any expectations or stories that might arise, letting life unfold as it will.
    Enjoy the"dream"that is your life Greg. And consider that this woman of your"dreams"was placed(by you)before you now so that you might have the opportunity to grow....and become the "Greg" that you really are.
    Gotta go Mate. I have my own demons to release. Good luck. See you down the road.



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      Hi Greg - this has been mentioned once before. Look up "Unrequited love - attracting a particular person". It's well worded. And I would suggest allowing your feelings to be as they are. Triple welcoming is good for that as it also gets into your sense of identity with these feelings for her. And remember, don't be hard on yourself. Allow.


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        Thank you both Jack and Chris. Your advice is greatly appreciated. I will go further into "Triple Welcoming" as I have only tried it briefly before. I will also read over the post again on "Unrequited love - attracting a particular person"

        Thanks again for your help