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Releasing trauma and stress over rape

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  • Releasing trauma and stress over rape

    Hey everyone,
    Recently I found out that a close friend of mine was rapped a couple of years ago. Due to this incident she always had trouble, especially in loving herself and her appearance. Can you please recommend any releases on this one? I mean what tool to use, when and how to use it?
    Thank you
    Love and peace to all,

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    Hi ArmaDino, not to discourage you from helping your friend, but I feel it would be better if your friend seeks the help of a qualified SM coach. We have couple of excellent coaches here itself. Since, the issue is deep, I think it would be safe for her to get professional help directly. Just sharing my opinion.
    What, in this moment, is lacking?


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      Hi friends,

      Releasing any kind of way will help with issues like rape. Sometimes just releasing on feelings about the weather or what the busdriver said to you can be helpful at the start. Discovering that we can release and that it's easy and beneficial can go a long way to helping with the "bigger" issues. It allows us to notice that we can be empowered by just a few simple, loving and highly effective questions.

      When I am coaching folks I find that sometimes they are able to go directly to the "big" issues right off and release on that. But sometimes the "big" issues feel too big for them. Releasing on anything helps with everything so I recommend that you introduce your friend to TSM by sharing what you have experienced and some of your gains. Tell her about this website. She might find herself wanting to know more about TSM and she can proceed in a way that feels right for her. She might purchase the basic foundation course, or The Sedona Method book. You might want to read Time McCavitt's blog to see how he recommends introducing TSM to others. That might be helpful for you.

      And lastly, check and see if there is any wanting to control your friend's experience? If yes, could you welcome that? And now could you let that go? Would you? When?



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        Thank you this post is very helpful to see how you would answer ArmaDino. I came to the Sedona Method retreat as a victim of known partner sexual assault and rape. I had previously done a seminar called 'Breakthrough to Success'(Self Esteem Seminars) with Jack Canfield where Hale was teaching the Method for 2 afternoons. It certainly created much more laughter when I went back to my home environment. A lady I met at the seminar further down the track who had similar trauma, emailed a group of us to say she was a 'free momma' having taken the retreat of the Sedona Method, so I decided to complete it. Now I want to tell everyone how freeing it is and even be able to help promote more safe and harm free relationships through Sedona Method as well as allow them to discover the deep true natural full potential within through the method!!
        The above 2 answers are great because, they worked in the past for me!! I was fortunate enough to work with the head trainer Hale and many others in a safe environment of a group. Releasing the 'on the surface stuff' is so helpful and then delving deep into beyond other would be superb to attend a live retreat. At the retreats there is also the opportunity to socialise in, and with that same group which can be very helpful too. I hope these words can help ArmaDino and its also a great suggestion to allow yourself to work with the Method being a makes it soooo much easier for any one ;-)


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          Hi Kate, it is so inspiring to directly hear about the wonders of the Method, from someone who has gone through the most extreme experiences, and then finally attaining hootlessness through using the Method. Thanks a lot for sharing.
          What, in this moment, is lacking?


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            Thanks :-) and to all who helped with letting it come up from the deep depths within ....!! and gently without any force, letting it all dissolve ;-)


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              Hi Kate,
              thank you for your fine feedback. It's just great to hear your story, quite motivating and enlightening at the same time. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Hale doesn't do any more retreats as far as I know. Thanks for sharing.



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                Hi ! Thanks for the feedback It would be best to ask Hale what his plans are now, even though we finshed the last 9 day small number (about 150) retreat here in Sedona with Hale. There are qualified instructors who, I think were trained by Lester Levenson(the founder) and Hale, that are taking retreats/seminars all over the there is that option for live events at present....see the retreats/seminars section. Maybe you want to be involved in SM coaching too....there are some great coaches trained by Hale too. Dont think he is training any more certified coaches. The other SM instructors still allow you to work on coach level 1 and level 2 taining by attending their events even though that is not the certified coaching(last one took 10 months of training). Nonetheless, it would be very supportive for your friend and you too :-) Best with working with the Method and thank you


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                  Noticed the other day, Hale wrote a post about "just a story' of heaven and hell. Simply in hell, they were given 11 ft chopsticks to eat with and were all starving from trying to feed themselves. In heaven it apeared they were given the same 11 foot chopsticks, yet they were all well fed and healthy...... because they were feeding each other.....

                  Perhaps this can be applied to releasing.......
                  Having experienced the 'power' that doesnt need a 'power' anyway!!...of the Sedona Method and the exceptional gains and significant difference that happens to turn a life around and bring forth what was already there.....theres been this unwavering resonation toward helping others release to uncover and discover their truth of who and what they are, and the clear truth of 'what is'....

                  Even though there wasnt another certified Sedona Method Coach Course....I went ahead and got Certified as a Professional Coach with Grow Training Institute SanDiego CA. and have applied the Coach 1 & 2 Trainings with now coach with The Sedona Method releasing :-)

                  Now with reference to the heaven and hell story , at present there is no one to release/coach eventhough 6.7 billion who have emotions can really unravel that infinite profound beauty of the human 'just being' already within and have safer and harmfree relationships........

                  So just wondering if theres any interest in being a releasing partner/s and heaven can happen from there........

                  Time zone is Australia, state of Tasmania at present....using skype (unless living in Tas)