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How to Be More at Peace with Your Dad - Fathers Day

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  • How to Be More at Peace with Your Dad - Fathers Day

    Almost everyone experiences turmoil in their relationship with one or more of their parents and this turmoil affects everything we experience in life. I created the following video to help us all let go and love and accept our fathers as they are--or were--in honor of Father's Day. You see, whether your dad is living or not, you can choose to release any bad or uncomfortable feelings that have ever existed between you, as well as any biological or psychological "gifts" you got from him that you would rather not have.

    No matter how difficult your relationship with your father is or was, being more at peace with your father is a form of enlightened self-interest. Taking a few moments to focus on any sticking points in your relationship in order to let them go can be profoundly liberating for you in ways you may never have imagined.

    Follow along with the video to experience a technique I call Triple Welcoming. In Triple Welcoming, you simply relax and welcome your feelings about your relationship with your father, as well as anything you might want to change about the relationship and any sense of identification you have with those feelings and the story that surrounds them. It's important to note that welcoming is not condoning or acquiescing to behavior. It's a form of letting go that relaxes the contraction within you that's occurred as a reaction to something you experienced. And that internal contraction ties up your energy until you decide to let it go.

    Use this video to have a lighter, happier, more joyous Father's Day. The more you do the exercises, the more benefit you will receive from them. And be sure to share it with anyone you know who has--or has ever had--a dad.

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