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clear out your clutter and release longstanding issues

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  • astrid

    I totally agree with you: any releasing technique helps!
    With respect to decluttering I concentrate on releasing the resistance I have:

    Could I allow myself to resist the chaos as much as I do?
    Could I allow myself to resist decluttering as much as I do?
    Could I allow myself to hold on to the object as much as I do? Could I allow myself to let the object go?

    Wonderful idea to bring this topic up! Thank you! Brilliant!


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  • Evie
    HI Liesbeth,

    I love your post, especially as I’ve been wading through clutter to get to my computer and wondering how on earth I could get round to letting it go without force.(I’m exaggerating, but not by much!!) My husband and I just had a discussion about this very subject yesterday. I’ll try your suggestions.
    And stickiness is indeed English, and a perfect description of how it feels to hang on to clutter.

    love Evie

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  • clear out your clutter and release longstanding issues

    dear friends

    Without realizing it we are attached to old issues that no longer serve us, that block the flow
    of our lives and that keep us from shining!

    Look around your room, your workspace, your sanctuary............ Feel the resistance that comes up
    when you bump into some of this
    stuff, even a little pile of papers, a brush on the kitchentable, old cd's you don't listen to anymore
    and so on and so on.........
    I am not even talking about your closets, the attick.........all those areas where you pile your unwanted
    things that are no longer needed yet you cannot let it go.

    You can really give yourself a great release by combining the questions (the way that suits you best) with
    THE STUFF around you! Can I let this thing go? Can I allow myself to have the memory that is attached to it
    (which can be sweet) and
    let go of the object (because it no longer serves me, it's sticky and in my way)

    Allow yourself to FEEL the emotion that this object brings up and ask yourself do I want to
    be free or do I want to stay attached. FEEL the space it creates when the object is gone and
    allow yourself to let go of the old emotion.

    And then actually let it go. Put it in a box for charity, give it to a friend or throw it away.
    That box where you have put it in should GO today.
    Otherwise you will keep the box. Procrastination is around the corner all the time during this

    Just watch your mind while doing this. It's great! When things have actually been tossed
    enjoy the new energy.

    Any Sedona releasing technique will do while you go through your drawers, your closets
    your home or office.........
    Also the stuff you decided to KEEP will get some more loving attention as well!
    "you can stay! I love you, you are part of my life, welcome"!!
    That object or thing will start shining now. It was neglected for a long time!

    Just make a start with this and enjoy this very very practical releasing tool.
    I have been working with lots of people now in this way and it changes
    lives within a couple of hours.

    Do not put the throw away box in the cellar, the attick or the shed.
    Only when it is really gone you will feel the relief.
    Also the relief in your emotional life. The road is now more open, now
    there is more flow, the stickyness is gone (is that english?)

    Just give it a try and let me know the results,

    Love, space and freedom to all of you ,

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