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  • Thriving In Challenging Times Calls

    Thriving In Challenging Times Call 1

    Thriving In Challenging Times Call 2

    Thriving In Challenging Times Call 3

    Thriving In Challenging Times Call 4

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    The call recording number one

    Hi Hale,
    I have listen to the call recording.
    It is great
    Thank you very much


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      Thanks so much - Fabulous!!!! "What is on the other side of the problem".........I love really got me on that I have a ruby in my pocket. Blessings.


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        Recording 2 and 3

        Hello Hale,

        After the delight of number 1 I also listened to the 2 others.

        I have to tell you that I was surprised that the what is the same produced instant released on me.

        Your free stuff is also really worth to be listened.

        Thank you!



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          Dear Hale,

          thank you so much for your great help.I enjoyed the program very much.
          It was fantastic.

          Thank you!

          Traudi Katharina Recording 1 and 2


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            Support Call 4

            Dear Hale,

            Last night I got about 4-5 hours sleep and was groggy. Releasing on my own helped somewhat, but I noticed that after listening to your fourth call, I am not tired at all! Funny part is, these calls usually relax me but today this one gave me just what my body needed.

            I have been listening to all the calls, sometimes late at night during an unusually busy time at work. They helped me to stay grounded and free during sudden changes, new demands and lots of multi-tasking.

            I am so grateful and hope you can continue them, even once or twice a month.

            With love and appreciation,
            Mauryne Cecilia


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              Hi Hale!

              Thank you for the call's )

              Whit love



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                Help with the calls

                I participated in the live calls of the first and the fourth calls and I'm listening now to the recordings of the two I missed. First I would just like to say thank you so much for doing these calls, they have been very helpful for me. I have been interested in asking a question but I didn't know what the process is to let you know I'm wanting to be called, How does one 'raise their hand' and I'm asking because I am SOOOO hoping you do more of these calls in the future. I'll be checking back to see if there is any assistance available.
                Thanks again for the gift you are to the world! I'm using a lot of these releasing processes with clients I currently counsel in a women's substance abuse program.
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                  Hi Hale!

                  I participated in the calls for the first time. I released effortlessly when you guided me through it. I was working on it for quite some time and was getting nowhere. I am so grateful to you for helping me with the release. Please keep continuing these calls.

                  Thanks again!


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                    Hallo Hale, I thank you for the beeing that you what are.I never found a teacher like you with so mutch wisdom like you have even I wasn`t looking for it.Sedona came to me has changed my live and I have found much freedoom inside myself.I found the the love that I m and now I can realease from it.I wish you a long life even you aren`t looking for it and live is what is and has never changed.I `d like to expirience a lot more freedoom in my live,so I love your calls and wish also that you will give some seminars form time to time.Enjoy your live.


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                      Thank you Hale and to you who contributed to those amazing phone calls!

                      I am very grateful for all those calls that change my perspective of the Qi. Even if I am familiar with meditation, yours is a revolution! I am wishing you and your fabulous team success and great health!

                      Michèle Rhéaume


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                        Thanks Hale

                        I go through them every time I have something to face and I search for a solution whihc I can't deny I was one of those on the calls to find the hidden reason i sabotagemy success.

                        Anyway Thanks for being generous in sharing your time in this way


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                          These recording are very helpful
                          Thanks again Hale
                          I just wonder if there is any more of them somewhere in the community?


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                            Hi Hale,
                            Thank you so much for these calls. I’ve listened to 3 so far and all have been wonderful and so helpful. Particularly for me the third one is just spot-on as it covered so many of my limiting beliefs about money. I had never thought that thinking the people who need my services or product can’t afford it was a belief that hampers me from earning money doing what I love, but it makes perfect sense now. There are so many other releases here that I found helpful, so will be listening again - and again…


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                              Hi Hale! I've listened to all the calls now and I love them. Unfortunately I missed the first call, and after that I've never seen any announcement about the other calls on the site. Do I sign up anywhere to get information about time and date? I really don't wan't to miss participating if you decide to continue doing this!