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  • 'Feeling releasing'

    Hi all

    Just posted earlier on overcoming paranoia but, also as a newbie to TSM, just wondered if peopl have experienced doing the method but not feeling anything, ie you feel as though you are just asking the releasing questions but nothing is happening? Almost like you are
    just going through the motions? How do you know if you are doing it right? Finally, some feelings such as anger, panic etc come up so quickly\instantly from nowhere so how do you release on them when they are so 'fast'?

    Thanks for any advice, much appreciated.


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    by welcoming them as best you can!

    You already notice what is going on. You notice the speed with which the anger or panic arises. Now instead of
    resisting, wanting to get rid of it or any other form of suppressing, you welcome as best you can all the emotions,
    thoughts and sensations that come with it........ just for that moment totally say yes to this sensation.
    The opening movement that you make inside will give the emotion space to move through instead of to stay with you
    and become more fearfull and strong.
    Just give it a try. Also welcome any wanting to change this sudden emotion. Welcoming this second wave will even help
    you more to let everything unravel.

    The third wave can also be welcomed. How real it feels. How personal. How it really feels like it is Your story, Your feeling, Your fear.....
    This will give you the opportunity to let go of identifying with the first wave of fear,anger......

    Try it, it works, it's great!!!!
    Love and friendship to you,
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      Hi lisbeth

      Thanks for your kind response. I will try the method of welcoming and see how it goes. Would just like to ask if its possible to do this when the thoughts are flooding in so fast that its almost, in a sense, overwhelming, kind of like a Tsunami of negative and fearful thoughts? I have been living in a state of high anxiety for years and sometimes it seems like a tidal wave of negative and fearful thoughts and emotions just overcome me at times. Can I still use the welcoming technique to try and deal with this?

      Many thanks for your advice.

      Love and best wishes,



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        when they are welcomed instead of resisted they have nothing to stick to.

        when there is still resistance and fear also welcome those. and I would suggest to

        try this before the tsunami is on its way .

        So try on smaller waves and so learn to be confident

        that it will not overwhelm you even more but it will actually go through you.

        I had panic attacks as well, i know how overwhelming it seems. If you dive in the fear

        and look for what is in the center, you will also find peace.

        Again, just experiment with this and get the feeling.

        Take care, Liesbeth


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          Don't forget to be patience with yourself. I've been releasing on paranoid thoughts for about a year, and it's not until now that I've started to welcome them fully. Because they feel so real, I sometimes really believe that they will come true if I fully welcome them. But I started to release with a coach and started to feel safe to welcome it, and that nothing actually happend afterwards

          The thing that has helped me is too start thinking about your panic and fear even if you're not experiencing them at the moment. Usually I tried holding away all the thoughts and feelings until I couldn't anymore and they flushed up and I experienced them, what you are calling, as a flood that I couldn't stop. So try bringing them up even if you're having a pretty good day and release on it, and the flood will become smaller and smaller because there will not be as much energy there to come up. Also, if you release on a good day, you will feel more confident and strong to actually bring it all up! I hope you understood me, my english is not the best



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            I realized recently that releasing or letting go is actually a lot easier than I thought it was. Like Hale says, it's very simple but we want to make it complicated. I suggest
            welcome/allowing yourself to feel what you are feeling. So you can just welcome whatever you are feeling in the moment, and then ask the basic releasing questions
            (could you,would you, when?). I used to have a lot of anxiety and social phobia issues and after a few years of using different programs I'm at the point where I feel like I can release more easily. I'm getting back into it and it feels great.


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              Thank you. This has very much helped me make sense of triple welcoming, which has been mostly hit and miss for me up to now.


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                When i feel anger, their is ten sec for myself to release.