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  • Ridiculing me

    My brother is wealthy. I am not. We weren't in touch for years, now we are. His children do not acknowledge me, or say hullo to me unless told to. Today, in the car, with his wife, my sister in law, and the children in the back, I am fairly sure they were ridiculing me in the back. I feel a need to tell someone, as I have just done here, rather than just release my feelings. I haven't tried to even welcome these feelings about this yet. Going to now. Help or comments welcome.

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    Hi Bertti. I am not sure but I am guessing that even by writing about your pain here, you may have started to release on the issue. So, what are you waiting for? You can start letting go even more, just by welcoming the feeling. And now, check what want is/are behind it. And you can effortlessly let go of the want(s).
    What, in this moment, is lacking?


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      Yes, exactly. Just writing about it helped, as though knowing it was in hand. I wish I could get there without writing. I have to get the cds out and go back to basics. I haven't been working on releasing for some time.


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        What other people think of me is none of my business.

        I learned I become my own enemy when I try to work out, correct or live up to what I think other people think of me. When I remember "what other people think of me is none of my business." I can let go and focus on doing what is right for me.

        I'll grant you it's harder when it's family but if they want to expend energy thinking the worse of you that's their time and energy that they aren't there for themselves. Just as if you worry about what they think of you, you're taking yourself away from yourself and putting it where you have no power.

        So welcome the feelings because you don't need to change anything about yourself to please them (probably never would) When you welcome the feelings you're back there supporting yourself.



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          Alex, 'what someone else thinks of me is none of my business' sounds like AA stuff to me. Is it Sedona Method? It doesn't sound like it to me. Maybe I do look ridiculous to them. Lester said When you are working so hard you have no idea how ridiculous you look- or he said something like that. Still, it's different to ridicule. Is it my business? Perhaps I can learn from it. I see I want something from them. No wonder, they don't like that. They would sense that. I see that wanting something from someone pushes them away. So, now can I open to my feeling of lack...neediness? I see that I do want from them and now I see it, and that it comes from my belief I lack, I don't want to be like that. I see I wanted to get from them. How sad, and awful. Needs further work, as I do believe I lack.


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            Hi Bertti,

            So let's get back to basics with the Sedona Method, as you rightly suggest. If the situation that you shared is still bothering you, let's start with what is actually here now..... on a feeling level. This will take releasing to a deeper level and allow the inner reaction to dissolve quickly and easily.

            When you think of the issue simply notice what it stirs up inside (you can even place your hand over your solar plexus to draw your attention to the feeling).
            Could you allow it to be here, as best you can? Then, could you allow yourself to gently open inside and allow the feeling to dissolve pass thru?
            Do this a few times until you feel more relaxed and open inside.

            Having cleared the field a bit, you can now explore and release on a deeper level the beliefs, self judgments and conclusions developed over time, which are causing you to feel that "you lack". The triple welcoming process is a powerful and effective process designed for this purpose. It effortlessly takes welcoming and dissolving to completion.

            1. Start by noticing that the situation you shared is not actually here is a memory!
            Could you welcome the memory and all the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, judgments & conclusions associated with it? As best you can.

            2. Notice how much you're wanting to change the memory......wanting to figure out what do to about it, and what it means about you.
            Could you welcome all the wanting to change it, all the wanting to figure it out, and, on a deeper level, all the wanting approval attached to the memoery? Allow all wanting as best you can.

            3. Could you welcome too how personal the memory feels pretty personal doesn't it! Could you welcome the feeling that it's personal, about you or who you are?

            With each step you may notice the pent energy start to release and the underlying wants dissolve. Welcoming #3 allows the whole spin of energy to unhook and spin itself out. I recommend going thru this process two or three times. With more awareness available to you, you can take it even deeper by asking yourself: "Am I this whole memory or story, or am I that which is aware of the memory/story, yet unaffected?

            Simply notice what is actually here now.....the more you let go of w/control, w/approval, w/security, w/to be separate and w/to be one.....the more you feel in control, approving & approved of, secure and open to all apparent others. Best of all you feel complete within yourself and "I am enough".

            As you know, trying to think positively or to change your behavior without dealing with the underlying wants and the false sense of identity with them is endless. Releasing allows for change to happen naturally on the inside.....and to flow into all areas of our life.

            All the best and you're welcome to attend our next free support call on January 11th. See thread below or go to:

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