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Still not able to attract material things.

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  • Still not able to attract material things.

    I am using TSM for 2 years. I have made goals and released on them but still i am unable to attract money in my life.I have got results like less mental stress, clarity of mind.But unfortunately not a single "wordly" material uptil now.

    Can anyone tell me where i am going wrong?

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    Hi, I think the most important question to look into, is whether you have come up with action steps related to the goal statement for making money, and released on them? What projects do you have in mind to make the amount of money you need? Have you released on them? Have you taken the required action(s) to move towards your goal? Is there any wanting to figure our what you are "doing wrong"? Conversely, is there a wanting to hold on to what you are "doing right"?
    What, in this moment, is lacking?


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      You may not be doing anything wrong whatsoever, but you may have a "wrong" assumption that releasing correctly = money flowing in. Less mental stress and increased clarity are excellent achievements and are very much signs that you are doing this correctly.

      Release to give yourself clarity and to remove the suffering, and let go of magical thinking. If you want to be an author you will still have to write the book. If you want to have money coming into your life on a consistent basis you will have to become the person for whom that happens, but you CAN let go of attachment to how it happens or that your happiness will depend on it, but it is still up to us to hold the vision.

      Just another thing to be aware of, if you are releasing in order to get money, that is by very definition not letting go. This is a huge and very frustrating trap. You can't "fake" welcoming what is so that it will change You have let go when you are willing to surrender to money being there or not being there and not having it affect you or your happiness. I realize this can sound disappointing - but "letting go" the deeper you get into what that means and the total acceptance of what is, "letting go" as a technique to get things and change things is a contradiction. Now your world will start to change the more you truly accept it. My suggestion is to truly welcome what is and work from "what if money never comes?" - then you will see what that means to you and the deep attachments and aversions there.

      Just FYI, I have gone through phases of intensely "working on" money goals and releasing etc - the more I dealt with the welcoming and accepting of what is really there and uncovering what the money means, the difference in real world money results has been substantial. I'd rather not go too much into it because it's easy to turn that into "OK now I just need to really buckle down and release harder on my money goals so that will happen to me too" when it is a very different flavor and, as unbelievable as it sounds, I barely realized the money stuff that was happening because it wasn't in big lump sums, and I was getting more and more "hootless" around the topic by working towards full acceptance of what the situation is right now (believe me still have much deeper to go there) I wasn't paying such close attention to it.

      When I was constantly checking to see if my releasing was working or if my goals were happening, that's about as far from acceptance and letting go as you can get - but you think it's different because you're doing it under the framework of releasing. Very subtle.
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        @ Evan, great post, very well explained! I agree that it is easy to fall into the trap of releasing to try and get something to happen. I know I’ve done it, but that’s definitely magical thinking not letting go. Your post is a great reminder to me to see where I may be doing that.

        Gopaljee90, I have had similar issues with money, and am currently nowhere near my money goal (or at least that’s how it seems right now) - but how I approach this now and how I feel about it is so, so different to how it was even a year ago. I think Vivek and Evan are also right that taking action is important - the more you release the more the right action will become apparent. It’s very easy to think we know what action is necessary, but in fact the action we are so attached to could be what is preventing us moving forward. I think Evan’s suggestion to release on what money means to you is an excellent one.


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          Thank you Vivek,Evan and Evie for the answers.I feel less stressed now , i will try to incorporate the advices given by you people.Thanks once again.


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            I would say trust yourself, stop taking score of your progress and keep taking action. Sedona Method helps you to free your mind so that you will take advantages of any opportunities that come your way. And success builds more success. As people see you are successful they start gravitating towards you. And more opportunities


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              I think you are less on "opportunities"