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I Need Help and Advice With Letting Go

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  • I Need Help and Advice With Letting Go

    Long story short, How do you LET GO of a relationship or a person’s behavior when you are still together in the same home. I have been married over 10yrs and we have a 9yr old daughter. I am currently an emotional wreck, I am with someone who no longer wants to be married but wants to stay together for our daughter. He wants to go and come as he pleases, I know for fact that he is cheating. But he feels I am supposed to move on with him still here. Ihave so much pent up frustration and animosity towards him.

    I cannot do it anymore, do I leave or do I stay for my daughter’s sake? If I stay how do I let go of him and his actions and start focusing on me and developing me.

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    Hi Lmodeste,

    See if you can start with welcoming all the feelings you shared in your post. As best you can, could you allow them all to be here fully? Then check and see if you're wanting to get rid of them. Could you welcome that? And then could you let go of wanting to get rid of them.

    Questions like should I stay or should I go are often well explored by using the advantages and disadvantages process. This process helps to release any uncomfortable feelings and to access your full power and potential to negotiate with this situation and it's challenges optimally in constructive and creative ways. You can find this process in the Sedona Method Basic Course or The Sedona Method Book.



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      Thank you so much for responding, Delilah

      I just got the course and I put it into practice. thank you again.


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        Hi Lmodeste

        Just to say that I read your post and that I think it is great that you bought the course
        and immediately start to practice it! That means that you have a lot of freeing energy
        to make it work.

        The answer of what to do next will come after releasing the emotions and wants that
        are underlying.

        Delilah already answered your question but i also wanted to let you know that you are
        not alone in this and that there is support here for you.

        Take care



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          Originally posted by Lmodeste View Post
          I cannot do it anymore, do I leave or do I stay for my daughter’s sake? If I stay how do I let go of him and his actions and start focusing on me and developing me.
          Hello Lmodeste, as you can see from Delilah and Liesbeth's replies, you have a lot of support here. You can also explore the various thread archives and blogs and find some wonderful release processes, written and audio.

          Below is a link to an audio Relationship Cleanup Release that we posted recently to our website. (It's also in the Sedona Method Book and the Workbook that comes with the 20 CD Course.) It's very helpful when starting out with the Sedona Method to be guided gently through the releasing process. It will support you in releasing the pent up emotion and animosity towards your husband so you can be more at peace with yourself. As you begin to feel more relaxed and confident within yourself it will help you to better discuss with your husband what is best and mutual for you both and your daughter.

          "The quality of our relationships plays an enormous role in the quality of life we experience for ourselves. This video contains our gift to you, a Relationship Cleanup Release to use to transform your life and world, helping you to better harmonize with those around you, and feel better about yourself as well. This exercise is an almost magical way to "clear the slate" and live more from your heart.

          There are also free releasing support calls available. Ours is every second Wednesday of the month, for details go to: Free Emotional Support

          Annrika and Tim
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            Excellent to see all the lovely support here and the Sedona Method is exceptional which youre probably already discovering. Releasing on any fear or expectations of what may or may not happen is usually very helpful too, bringing any releasing to the feeling of at least a liitle more peaceful than it was to begin with within before releasing commenced.....You tube has some free videos which may also be all on the community here , just type in something such as Hale Dwoskin The Sedona Method or/ and Letting Go .Its super that you've found the way to the community here.....the free support calls wil be very very helpful too and even better if you can make your way whenever and how ever to a live retreat...sending plenty support vibes your way for a truer deeper freedom...:-)))))Best :-)