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goals / gains / fear cycle?

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  • goals / gains / fear cycle?


    Just wanted to pose a question and possibly get some responses from fellow releasers. I had a idea about goals and gains today, and their relationship with fear. I've been using the goal process a lot lately, and a lot of great things have happened. My relationships are better, there is more money in my life, and I am generally happier and having more fun day to day. Also, fear had been coming up in big chunks. I've been dealing with it and letting it go, but the fears have been tenacious.

    This is what I'm wondering: when we release, and our lives get better - do we become MORE afraid in some ways - because now we have more to loose? I realize this is kind of a moot point - because part of why the goal process works is that is brings up resistance we didn't realize we had. I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced this. My consciouness has been climbing higher and higher, and my world is opening up in ways I never though possible, but I'm also still struggling with these irrational fears of horrible things happening to me, and all this new happiness and joy coming to a screeching halt. Actually, as I'm typing this, it's becoming clear to me that this is my mind trying to regain control me me after I've experienced a little freedom from the mind. Anyway... any feedback is very appreciated!

    Thank you - Love Jenny

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    Hi Jenny,

    You're right! Great observation as to how the mind likes to err on the negative side and try to make trouble. As you continue to acknowledge, welcome, and feel at home with the happiness and joy that you are (accentuate the positive), the mind can relax and support you in that direction.

    After all, are you the mind and all its stories of woe, or are you that which is aware and unaffected?

    Annrika James Sedona Method Instructor
    [email protected]


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      The fear comes from the higher you go the further you have to fall theory.

      I think many have experienced motivational seminars where they came out on at highs thanks to the Speaker or Guru reminding you that yes you can and you are good enough. Then go out on your own in the world again and don't know how to use what they learned because it's often a lot of theory and motivational talk with no guidance as to what you should be asking or telling yourself in X situation.. We often find themselves feeling like we are worse off than before the seminar. Not that we go deeper down. You just experienced two different points where you can be.

      An excellent fear to work on is the fear of getting too high lest I fall (even further).


      An excellent Fear to Let go of