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Wanting to bring the fear back into awareness?

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  • Wanting to bring the fear back into awareness?

    Hello all,

    Something peculiar keeps happening to me, and I wanted some feedback from the Sedona community on how to deal with this. I've been releasing on two or three sticky fears for the past 6 months or so. I've made a ton of progress, and I've seen other areas of my life improve as I've been releasing. There's this one thing that's been happening however that I really want to change (hint hint ).

    I'll be going great for a few days: feeling wonderful, stars are aligned, things are going my way, happy, carefree. Then, usually when I'm at the peak of having a good time, the little fear voice comes in. It tells me something horrible is going to happen, or is in the process of happening. As I'm typing this I'm seeing where my problem may lie. Whenever I have a great string of really good days, and then the bad thoughts come back, I am EXPECTING to be back in the throws of fear within 24 hours - as I am right now. Then what I EXPECT to happen is that I spend two or three days doing intensive releasing on fear until I feel fearless again.

    I guess my question is - am I stuck in an expectation-loop? or is this just more units of the fear coming up, asking to be let go of? Or is it both?

    Any responses much appreciated. It helps me so much to hear from other releasers.

    Thank you,
    Love, Jenny

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    Hi Jenny, not sure if there is a loop, but you definitely seem to hold on to a lot of expectations regarding releasing. Of course, releasing makes us more happier, but that is no guarantee that we will always feel good, nor is it recommended to release in order to feel great. Since, everything obeys the law of impermanence, so also feeling great won't last forever. Whenever you feel not so great, see it as an opportunity to release and go deeper. Let go of all expectations about feeling good with releasing, releasing to perfection etc. Accept whatever comes. There could be more and more of the fear lying deep within, let it come to the surface, as and when it wants to. Keep welcoming.
    What, in this moment, is lacking?


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      How about releasing on the Expectations, when they show up?



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        Well, feel release is the best way to get out of fearless.