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What should I feel when I release?

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  • What should I feel when I release?

    When I release (let it go), it seems that I'm just saying it in my mind, and I don't feel anything at that exact moment.
    I thought I should feel like I'm relieve from a heavy weight, or that I'm floating in the air, or visualize that something leaves my body.
    When I say don't feel anything, I mean I feel about the same as before the release, except that I'm now aware of my wanting approval, control, security, or oneness.

    Is this normal? Should I feel anything when the release is done effectively? Or not feeling anything means the release work?
    Thank you.

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    Hi sedona007,

    There are no shoulds in TSM. See if you can just notice every part of your experience as it is in this moment including the experience of nothing happening.

    TSM is an elegantly simple process that only requires that you answer the questions as honestly as possible. If you are noticing that wants are coming up then can let the wants be here? Notice what wanting those things is like for you. It is helpful to allow yourself to experience one want per question. If you feel sensations, OK...and if not OK...but then go ahead and answer the next questions ....Could you let that want go? Would you if you could? When ?

    Keep playing around with the questions and eventually something will click.

    You can also ask a coach for a complimentary session to help you move along with your process,



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      Hi sedona007,

      I have similar experiences. Most of the time in releasing I feel no different after the release as I did before the release. However with each release you are removing barriers. Do keep in mind that you are working with the subconscious. It is said that around 90% of thoughts are subconscious so you can't use the conscious mind to judge this progress.

      What is important is that you simply release. You are freeing yourself from limitation whether you feel it or not. I rarely have "Earth" moving experiences when releasing. There have been times where I feel a lot lighter and more peaceful after or I feel incredibly tired, but again in general I don't feel a thing.

      So hang in there and know this is about changing the subconscious. Due remember the subconscious has no filters and accepts whatever the conscious feeds it. The subconscious accepts these "facts" as beliefs and sends them via a nerve cluster to the solar plexious area of your body. That in turn connects to the universe. The "Master Key System" by Charles F. Haanel goes into great detail about that physical connection.


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        Thank you, Solaris for these great insights. I feel like I'm in the right track now.