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How does a person develop new skills?

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  • How does a person develop new skills?

    Hey guys,

    How does a person develop new skills in an area they generally have never had success in? I've always been told that I already have everything I need so when I rlease everything I need comes to the surface. So does that mean once I release I can finf the faith, motivation etc to learn these sklls?

    I've not had success with women in my life. Dated one girl. I was unpopular at school so i gained no social skills more survvival skills. But after school people gave me a chance but you donamt get that in dating.

    So if this is correct should I go through some of the material I have on natural and inner game and release on anything that comes up both positive and negative? As an example it's well known that girls are attracted to a guy who can hold eye contact So I could release on stuff ike the idea that guy holding eye contact is seen as aggressive by a girl. Or that I'm expecting a bad reaction so I force myselfto hold the eye contact which ultimately means I'm tense, there will be no attractive warmth or sexual desire in my gaze and I probably have a grimace rather thana smile. And obviously if I'm staring in this way it's not going to be very attractive. Which reaffirms my expectation.

    Whereas a beter belief might be something like 'I'm attractibe and worthy of your attraction'. And to see positive images. Because if I expect a bad result I certainly won't get a good one.

    What advice can you offer me?

    Thanks heaps!

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    First release on your expectations. Your statement of "Because if I expect a bad result I certainly won't get a good one." is right on. You are actually creating the outcome you prefer not to occur. It is good to remember we are creating by choice or by default but we are ALWAYS creating our world around us and there is no way to turn creation off. So, of course, why not create what we choose?

    Now the kicker to what you asked is once you are in a totally relaxed state and have released all that blocks your goal you will find things happen FOR you. In other words girls will start seeking you out and by being at peace you'll have no problem interacting with them. Lester, Tolle, and others have stated this very thing. Lester called it the "butt system". Once you have fully removed your mental obstacles you simply focus on your goal and even if you were locked in a room your goal would occur.

    In fact mainstream science through quantum physics and mechanics is begining to show this to be totally true. Your universe will align to met your goal automatically as that is the nature of energy. It is happening right now this very moment and creating your world in the present. The only item is that you are creating a reality which you wish you could change. Now this doesn't mean you can put an exact time frame on a goal becoming complete. It could take minutes, days, or months. However the more in tune you are with this process and the more inner peace you have the faster things happen.

    So keep releasing and focusing on your goal with positive expectation, which means you KNOW the goal WILL occur. The how is turned over to the "universe". If you get a feeling you should release on this or that then do it.

    I leave you with an interesting quote, "It is just as easy to create a castle as a button!"


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      My primary roll is that of a coach. Helping people to learn. I know their frustration and effort. Often I need to tell them they are "trying" too hard. The learning and getting it usually happens when they give up, yes, give up wanting to get it. Easier said than done. The problem is giving up doesn't always seem to be an immediate option, the exam needs to be passed or it's the end of the world. The earth will chew us up and spit us out.

      Ha, no such luck. The reality is the world is still there and there is a price to be paid for failing. A perceived price. No the reality is, It's the fear of the consequences of failing (something in the future that hasn't happened, might not happen or might just need a plan B if it does happen but there is no plan B) that keep us in WANTING to GET this NOW.

      The problem is the mind is in the future. Painting pictures of consequences, and despair, that hasn't actually happened.

      You can make the learning part less important if you can jump right to and release on the fear of the consequences. Often we aren't conscious of our fears. They nibble at us through our emotions. That's why it's important just keep releasing. I find Holistic Releasing good for learning, Could I let go of wanting to learn this quickly, Could I let go of wanting to learn this slowly. Could I let go of wanting to understand this now, could I let go of wanting to understand this later. Create more and be sure to cycle those question a few times I find 5 to 10 times to get the mind to click.

      And if you know what the fear is, the consequences you are afraid of, for example in Magnatolia case it might be a fear of being alone or lonely, missing out on intimacy, release on that.



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        The beauty of all this is you do not have to understand it. If you follow TSM and release you'll naturally increase in confidence and power as the mind grows quieter and quieter. That is just the order of things and does not require your understanding or belief. All that is required is don't give up on releasing which is what most people do.

        They try something and don't see any results within a few days and then think (note they think) it doesn't work and give up. I have been doing Sedona now for about three months and the changes have been incredible. I now can go extended periods of time with no thought. I can just be and exist in awareness. I feel so light, free, and peaceful. Its like a huge weight is gone. I have been able to listen more to people and have conversations with people without engaging the mind. My Self is shining through more and more.

        Now I am not claiming I am some super released being like Tolle or Lester, yet. I also know there are deeper levels that can be obtain as this isn't a destination but a journey. However I am so different from where I was just a few short months ago. I understand more, I have deep inner peace, stillness, and calmness and even those around me comment on it. So don't fall for the mind games and simply keep up what you are doing.