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  • Insights while releasing

    Hello fellow releasers,

    I've recently had a few insights, each time i was in a state of flow and a thought popped into my head out of thin air.

    Insight 1:

    "The feeling of the Resistance energy to a goal is a layer of my limiting thoughts/wants energy to the goal."

    For example:

    If my goal is "I allow myself to always feel happy."

    some limiting thoughts might be

    - i cant always be happy = resistance
    - i dont deserve to be happy = resistance

    In the case i cannot identify limiting thoughts/wants to a goal, i can release on the resistance energy to the goal and dissolve whatever limiting thought/want without having to identify the particular limiting thought/want.

    Insight 2:

    While doing my day to day activities and without a single thought or any focus on my part, i feel physical sensations/tension/energy come into my awareness.

    I've come to realise that the negative energy in my subconscious mind wants to leave, that's why these physical sensations come into my awareness. So without having to identify the cause of the physical sensation/tension/energy i can simply choose to let it go, and i would have
    let go of a layer of whatever event/experience/memory the physical sensation/tension/energy is associated to.

    Insight 3.

    One day i could release on a physical sensation/tension/energy and that could be the last layer of energy in my subconscious mind blocking me from being free, and i'll finally be in the free state.

    Any thoughts and opinions are welcomed and appreciated!

    Peace and love to all...
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    I allow myself to always feel happy
    Interesting to note that that has a limitation / judgment in the statement. Always can also mean only and nothing else ever allowed. So one is not really allowing their self to be happy as unless it is always. If my dog is sick, I'd be concerned, I wouldn't find the emotion 'happy' to be appropriate. So if I only allow myself to always be happy I'm not really experiencing what is. If I drop into a state of concern in the moment I need to be concerned, I created conflict within myself because now I'm not always happy. So yes it does create resistance. Because we also need to let go of the all (always) or nothing thinking (if anything else I failed). Great observation that it creates resistance.



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      Hi DavidI!

      Alex makes a really good point. Your goal is a good one because it offers you a chance to let go of so many things...So, could you let go of wanting to always feel happy? The goal as Lester saw it was to become imperterbable. That means that it matters not what emotion is moving throught the bodymind. All emotion is just energy moving throught the bodymind. If we are resisting any emotion we are blocking flow. The problem isn't that we have all different kinds of emotions. The problem is that we judge certain ones of them to be good or bad. They are just all energy trying to move through. Conversely the more we welcome all of the emotions the more we experience the joy that we already are.

      Keep letting go into flow,
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