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Releasing Two Things At The Same Time.... ?

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  • Releasing Two Things At The Same Time.... ?

    Hi all!

    I have two questions regarding OCD and the sedona method.

    1. It seems to me that the ocd that I have is made up of several parts, the first one being fixation on the body, and
    that I get hung up inordinately on what people say (misconstrue and misinterprete things) and the overprotective mode
    of my mind that digs up and sees dangers in situations and then tries to protect itself. These are just a couple of examples.

    So if I do a release on the OCD, could I phrase it like "could I allow myself to welcome the OCD and the overprotective mode of my mind?",
    alternatively I could also say, "could I allow myself to welcome the hung-up/stuckness mechanism and the overprotective mode of my mind?"

    I mean, in each of the wordings there are two issues simultaneously, and can the mind process that at the same time? Although, although I guess
    that the overprotective mode of the mind IS also a part of the OCD, right? So I guess the two issues would be one and the same at the end of the day?

    So is the wording alright?

    1. if I want to do a release on a fixation of, say, the legs and the hair... can I word it like "can I allow myself to feel as discomforted as I do regarding
    the hair and the legs?" Again, seemingly two contrasting issues, although they probably derive from the same issue/source?
    But is the phrasing alright, or does the mind get confused by two things at the same time...?


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    If you see them as two sides of the same coin then it's possible to combine them.

    Sometimes it's easier to release on one and then the other. Like wanting approval or control, you can take the same issue and release on each part. Most of the time it helps to ask yourself to release on the issue 3 or more times if combining them does create a shift then go for it.



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      Thank you for a quick reply, Alex!

      Very helpful...

      OK, I'll try to combine them... like someone once said before, you can't really do wrong when doing the Sedona method...