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How can one be repulsed by the loss?

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  • How can one be repulsed by the loss?

    I have heard Hale on an audio regarding loss. In the holistic part he says something like, "Could you feel as attracted to that object as you do?", then, "Could you feel as repulsed by that object as your do?" Loss, grief--to me-- is a feeling of wanting to have something again. I can easily feel that. I don't know what he means by feeling as repulsed as you do--and he does not say "as you can" but "as you DO". I don't feel repulsed by something I want back, so I don't understand this. Anyone know what I mean?

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    Wanting to get over loss in itself is a repulsion, wanting to push it away.



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      Dear Alex,

      Thank you, Alex. Hale asks, “Could you feel as repulsed by THAT OBJECT (not the LOSS thereof) as you do?” An example is the loss of my mother when I was a teenager (Hale includes people as objects). I would not feel loss or grief for her if she (the object itself, as Hale words it) repulsed me. Maybe Hale meant to say, “Could you feel as repulsed by the LOSS of the object or by the wanting to get over the loss of the object”. It sure makes sense the way you explain it! Thank you very much for your help.