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  • Subtle wording change

    I read a fellow community member's post that allowed me to have a release regarding my releasing process! Asking, "Could I let it go?" just kind of sounded like 5 foreign words to me; they produced no real feeling or meaning. I am so grateful for this community and those who share their experiences with The Method. After reading about someone's perception of letting go of emotion, (and they in no way suggested a changing or altering of the original wording) I just spontaneously thought, "Could I let go of it?" regarding a feeling and felt a release. I know the word change is subtle. Let me try to figure it out: Is the new question worded closer to my southern vernacular so it resonates better with me? or do I feel more control when I word it differently? Ha Ha!

    Hale once wrote in a Facebook comment that Lester said that any aid that aids releasing is a good aid. But now my monkey-chatter mind is wondering how far off any of the original wording of the "official" releases I should venture. Lord knows I don't want to do anything incorrectly! I guess this would be a great reason to have a coach. For now I would just really like to appreciate everyone who is active on this forum and offers their thoughts, experiences and expertise. Thank you! Thank you all! I need you!

    BTW I don't see any Texas coaches on the list. If anyone knows of one, please let me know!