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  • mind blowing idea

    Hey guys I always like to try new things well here is something I have been experimenting with for the last couple of days and its made me feel so amazing and broke a lot of resistance. So im sure you have heard Sedona method peeps saying to say I welcome I accept and I love and so on. But what about saying I want, try this and tell me how you feel. Say these statements while feeling what your feeling.

    Say I want all thoughts, I want all feelings, I want to feel all feelings I want all sensations and watch them all disappear instantly and even if they don't you just feel so damn good because your wanting WHAT IS, remember happiness isn't getting what you want its wanting what you get. So after this I decided to go all out by saying I want all of lacking approval, I want all of lacking love, I want all of lacking control, I want all fear of dying, I want all resisting I want all wanting, I want all of wanting approval and so on and so forth. Makes me feel so powerful because it breaks all resistance in the moment and allows the energy to flow. Why do you think happiness is so fleeting because we want it so it comes and flows through imagine treating every want, feeling thought the same way. Try it I have had big gains in my state the last couple of days I literally feel like superman.

    Whats very powerful was saying I want ALL of lacking whatever it is, its like your completely accepting all lack thus eliminating it because what you resist persists, but saying I accept isn't as powerful as saying I want from my experience its a huge shift you feel when you say I want what you don't want, because it automatically lets go of any resistance to that thing which is what is keeping it in place.

    Try it let me know

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    Hi yoyoyo!

    Good for you!!! Yes, welcoming what is an extremely powerful release! Welcoming "what is" , even if it's wanting, is always going to open us more fully to flow. Yayyyeeee!



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      "happiness isn't getting what you want its wanting what you get"

      thats deep :v


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        What an idea !!
        I tried it for a couple of minutes and its amazing

        Thank you superman

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          This is really great. Made me feel like I was chasing a bum out of my house that had been living there rent free.. just by wanting it. Not only effective but fun!

          Also it's a great way of wanting what already is and being in what Eckhart Tolle would call "the moment".. after all what is a moment but mostly a series of wants and Sensations. circumstances are a very small part of "this moment"
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            I think it's not far from the truth because how can you create something you don't want ?