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  • Very powerful technique

    I came up with this the other day after reading about hale saying that happiness is fleeting because we hold onto it while negative feelings stay cause we resist them. So next time you have a negative feeling simply think. I want to hold onto this feeling, as you move into it, I guarantee you it will release in one minute max. I spent all day releasing one feeling tryng everything under the sun o no benefit. Then I simply thought, I am holding onto this feeling and resisting holding onto it which is what is keeping it in place. So I simply said I want to hold onto this feeling which broke the resistance to the holding on. And it left after 10 secs of thinking that and diving into it. I have used this with every feeling since never fails. Try it. TREAT EVERY FEELING LIKE ITS HAPPINESS LIKE ITS THE BEST FEELING EVER CHASE AFTER IT AND IT WILL LEAVE.

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    Wow this is amaaaazing! I also tried it with wants and was equally effective!