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  • Wanting to be right

    I am currently in the situation of having to take lots of tests at work. I do fine on the written tests. I have troubles when I am taking the oral exams or when people are randomly testing. At first I was thinking it was stage fright because I have problem with oral tests but not written. Now I am thinking that I get nervous/anxiety or have performance problems because I am afraid of being wrong or people finding out I don't know how to do my job. Because when I get things wrong people say things like I can't do the job and because I don't know a certain thing I won't be able to learn the rest of the job. This leads to wanting there approval beccause of wanting security of my job. The wanting w/s is a fear of loosing my stuff and not being able to support my family. Any suggestions on working on wanting to be right?

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    On Hale's support call this month, he did a holistic release..and I have adapted it here for your question

    could I be allow the stress of wanting to be right all the time
    could I be open to the possibility of being imperturbable whether or not I am right

    Hope This is a useful release

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      Hi stace45!

      Wanting to be right and all the other wants are universal. That's why Lester was such a wise person to articulate them in the way that he did. It's much easier to let go of the wants if you welcome them fully first. So welcome wanting to be right and then welcome wanting security. Welcome both of them until you feel like the energy of the want is flowing through you instead of you contracting on and around the want. when we welcome fully we feel better because we are opening fully and allowing the want to be here. When we are trying to let go because when wanting is uncomfortable we are just resisting the want. And remember that welcoming is the second most fundamental way to let go.

      It can be helpful to allow all memories, pictures, sounds, and thoughts and feelings that come up around wanting to be right and then wanting security to come so that you cam keep letting go of all those memories and any fears/ plans to make them real again. In fact after you welcome them all, see what happens when you ask yourself if you can let go of wanting to make any of that real again.

      Also try:

      Could you resist being wrong as much as you do?

      Could you welcome being wrong as best you can?

      And check and see if there is any wanting to be controlled by how other people see you? If yes, welcome that. And then check to see if you could let that go?

      ...And is there any wanting be control how others see you? If yes, welcome that. And then check to see if you could let that go?

      Working with a goal statement like "I allow myself to have a work place where people are supportive of me learning new things." or "I now allow myself to easily learn new things and to enjoy and effortlessly taking tests at work". Release on the goal until you are completely at ease and even happy with learning and taking tests.



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        I also suggest working on letting go of,
        Wanting to do well or pass oral exams.
        Wanting to be judged or judging,
        Wanting the job (and not wanting it)
        Wanting to perform well,
        wanting to perform badly,

        There are more of course. Start exploring some of those and whatever comes up, comes up to be released as well.